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A Preacher and a Robber

Once a man thought to join a group of robbers. The leader of robbers' first preaching was that "never hear anything where Bhagvaan's Kathaa is being told." The trainee robber understood and he had decided that he would not listen to any sermon anywhere. Now he set on his mission for robbery.

As he was going, that a temple came on the way. There a saint preacher was preaching to a large group of Bhakt people. He was describing Krishn's jewelry to people. In spite of the warning of his Guru robber, the robber heard the description of Krishn's jewelry and he thought to steal that. Next day, early morning he took his staff, food and water and set off to steal Krishn's jewelry. The saint had described them so beautifully that he was all the time thinking about them.

As he was going he saw two boys wearing many ornaments on their body. he thought that one of them should be Krishn, but the other boy also had the same amount of jewelry, so he got greedy. he asked them - "Give me your jewelry." The boys got frightened seeing his staff and they handed over their all jewelry to him. When the robber got so much jewelry so easily, he got more greedy, so he asked them - "Do you have more?" They said - "Yes." The robber said - "Good, Bring them tomorrow."

Next day the robber again went at the same place in the expectation of the jewelry. Those boys came with the jewelry and gave it to him. The robber got very happy to get so much jewelry so easily.



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