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Result of Perseverance

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Result of Perseverance
From Koorm Puraan

Just as there are sages and great Yogee among mankind, so there are great sages and Yogee among the gods. His name is Devarshi Naarad. He traveled everywhere, in every Lok. One day he was passing through a forest, that he saw a man who had been meditating until the white ants had built a huge mound around his body and he had he been sitting in that position for so long.

He said to Naarad, "Where are you going?" Naarad Jee replied, "I am going to Heaven."
"Then please ask God when He will be merciful to me; when I shall attain freedom from this birth and death cycle?"

Further on Naarad Jee saw another man. He was jumping about, singing, dancing. As he saw Naarad Jee he also asked him, "Oh, Naarad Jee, where are you going to?" His voice and his gestures were wild. Naarad Jee said, "I am going to Heaven."
"Then, please ask God when I shall be free from this world?"

Naarad Jee went on. In the course of time he came again by the same road, and there was still the man who had been meditating with the ant-hill around him. He said, "Oh, Naarad Jee, did you ask the God about me?" "Oh, yes." "What did He say?" "The God told me that you would attain freedom in four more births." Hearing this the man began to weep and wail, and said, "I have meditated until an ant-hill has grown around me, and still I have four more births to be free?"

Naarad Jee proceeded and found the other man who was dancing. He asked him, "Did you ask my question?"
"Oh, yes. Do you see this tamarind tree? I have to tell you that as many leaves as there are on that tree, so many times, you shall be born, and then you shall attain freedom." The man began to dance for joy, and said, "I shall have freedom after such a short time?"

A voice came, "My child, you will have freedom this minute." That was the reward for his perseverance. He was ready to work through all those births, nothing discouraged him. But the first man felt that even four more births were too long. Only perseverance, like that of the man who was willing to wait for eons, brings about the highest result.



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