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Sant Sevaa of Kabeer

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Sant Sevaa of Kabeer

Sant are above everything
Kabeer Daas Jee has spoken of the glory of Sant (saints) in his "Dohaa". Once the great Mahaatmaa Sant Gyaaneshwar and his brother Naamdev visited Varaanasee during their pilgrimage. Knowing that Kabeer Daas lived in this Holy City, they knocked at his door at the late hour of the night.

On opening the door Kabeer Daas was overjoyed to find the great Saadhu at his door. Gyaaneshwar who wrote 'Gyaaneshwaree' (commentary on the Geetaa) even as a child was a great Gyaanee. Naamdev was a great Bhakt of Lord Paandurang. Naamadev is to Lord Paandurang what Chandikeshwar is to Lord Parameshwar. Kabeer Daas thought, "How blessed am I that these Mahaan who would not go to anybody else's doors even if invited, and they have come to my home on their own!"

He rushed to his wife, Jeejeebaaee, inside and told her, "Great Saadhu have come home. Arrange food for them." Jeejeebaaee sheds tears, "What I am to label myself - Blessed or cursed? There is nothing at home with which to serve them."

Kabeer Daas was a deeply dispassionate man who would not accept anything from anyone. Hence, there was nothing but empty pots in their home. Kabeer Daas ran to the market and begged the shopkeepers, who have not yet closed their shops, for a little wheat flour and ghee. Since they had all closed the accounts for the day, none helped him. Kabeer Daas held on to the feet of one of them and pleaded, "Please do not refuse. I have Saadhu at home. I have to feed them."

The shopkeeper agreed and demanded money, but, he got angry on learning that there was no money with Kabeer Daas to pay for the flour and ghee. However, he used the opportunity to covet Kabeer Daas' wife whom he knew to be a beautiful lady. He pointed out to Kabeer Daas, "Well, If you have no money, you can pledge some article" Kabeer Daas pleaded, "There is nothing with me to even pledge!" It is then that the shopkeeper pointed out, "You have a beautiful wife at home whom you can give me in return for the wheat flour and ghee."

The statement that would make any man rage with fury, but fell like sweet notes in the ears of Kabeer. This is because his mind was only filled with the thought of feeding the great Saadhu at home. It was a "Prem Avasthaa" (state of love) that is incomprehensible by ordinary mortals. Such is the state of Mahaan. He thanked the shopkeeper for reminding him of something that was in his possession, rushed back home, caught hold of Jeejeebaaee's hand and brought her to him. Leaving her with the shopkeeper and accepting the flour and ghee he rushed back home. He had no thought of his wife at all. Jeejeebaaee knew this very well.

Difficult indeed it is for those who live with Mahaan. Theirs is greater Tapas, indeed. One cannot so easily understand the state of Mahaan. One should know how to behave according to their state. However, this is very difficult. Not for a moment did Jeejeebaaee mistake her husband. Locked up in a room by this evil-minded shopkeeper she realized that the Lord was her only refuge. She prayed to Lord Raam, "Oh Lord, Are you not more interested in the protection of your Bhakt's wife than your own? Is that not the reason that while you took ten months to restore your wife Seetaa from Raavan's kingdom, you rushed immediately to the call of Draupadee, wife of your Bhakt, the Paandav? If you are truly interested in the protection of your Bhakt's wife then protect me. Save me."

Immediately two policemen knocked at the door of this shopkeeper and ordered him to open the door of the room where Jeejeebaaee was locked up. They led her by hand to her home. Leaving her safely back at her home, the two disappeared immediately! It was verily Lord Raam and Lakshman who had come to help her. Thus, it was not as if Kabeer Daas only uttered mere words in his "Dohaa" about the glory of Guru, Satsang and Sant Sevaa (Service to Saadhu). He showed them in deed also, in his life.



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