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Sant Gandavalekar

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Sant Gondavalekar

There was a Sant Gondavalekar. Once he was passing through the forest of Aaboo (a place in Gujaraat, India). It was late in the evening and he was traveling alone. Suddenly, He some gangsters surrounded him. Since he was alone at such an odd hour, they thought that he was also a thief like them, so they took him to their place for the night. Gondavlekar went along with them without saying a word. Some of the robbers teased him, beat him and verbally abused him, but he did not react to any of it. One of the older robbers was surprised at Mahaaraaj’s behavior. He told the others, "It seems that this person possesses some supernatural powers (Siddhi), due to which he does not seem to be affected by all the suffering we put him through. Let’s test him further to see if this is true." The others agreed.

Soon they all sat down for supper. The older robber asked a younger robber to give Mahaaraaj some milk. The young robber thought of teasing Mahaaraj and brought him a barren cow that never yielded any milk. He gave Mahaaraaj a pot and asked him to milk the cow and drink as much milk as he wanted. Mahaaraaj went to the cow and patting her with love, he said - "O Mother, I am hungry. Please give me some milk." The cow responded by licking Mahaaraaj and yielded willingly as Mahaaraaj milked her. Much to everyone’s surprise, the barren cow gave several pots full of milk.

Seeing this, the robbers were first surprised and then got frightened. Fearing that they had abused a great Saint, they fell to Mahaaraaj’s feet and pleaded for forgiveness. Mahaaraaj forgave them and said - "Why do you hurt and rob others? Instead, try to chant the Name of the Lord and he will definitely give you whatever you want and much more than you can ever get through theft."

Transformed by the great Saint’s company and blessings, the robbers gave up their bad ways and started sincerely on the spiritual path.



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