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Ramana Maharshi

Ramana Maharshi was a Perfect Master. In his Darshan, because he was a silent man, would speak rarely and very few words, each morning when he would sit for the Darshan for one hour and people would come to sit with him, a cow would also come there. The cow was so regular that no other disciple was so regular to have his Darshan. Regular.... means it might rain, it might be summer, it might be winter, whatsoever, or she might be ill, or healthy, but the cow will surely come at the exact time.

She would come and stand in the verandah and look inside through the window, her head inside the window, and remain there for one hour, sometimes with open eyes and sometimes with closed eyes. And sometimes tears flowing... it was like a miracle.

One day the cow was very ill and could not come, so Ramana decided to go to her. He had never gone to visit any other disciple, but for that poor cow he decided to go. All the disciples said - "What are you doing, Bhagavaan?"
And he said - "But I have to go. She was so regular for my Darshan. And I know she wants to come today - her spirit is willing, but the flesh is weak."

So he went. She was just sitting in the direction of his room looking at the window from far away. She could not get up, she was dying. And when Ramana reached there, she closed her eyes and tears started flowing down from her eyes. Soon she died. That cow was the first animal in the whole history of humanity or of consciousness that was given a farewell as is given to an enlightened person. Ramana was present there.

Somebody asked Ramana - "Is this cow going to be born as a human being?"
Raman said - "No. She will not need to be born as a human being - she has passed beyond that. She is not going to be born at all. She has already attained enlightenment."

Yes, it is possible. What to say about man? Even animals, if they are receptive... and cows are very receptive. That's why they have become sacred. It is not for no reason at all - they are very receptive, open. They can grow in consciousness. No other animal can take this jump that a cow can take. It was for no other reason than this that they became an essential part of all the Aashram in the East in the old days.



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