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Long before, there was a Muslim King in India, Gayaasuddeen. Once he was practicing his archery, that an arrow happened to hit a child and the child died. His parents were very sad and when they found that the arrow was of the King, they became sadder, because they were hesitant to complain about him. After all he was a king. But the they gathered their courage and went to the Kaazee (judge), Siraajuddeen, and told him their saga. Siraajuddeen assured the couple that crime is crime whether it is committed by an ordinary man or a king. You be patient. Justice will be done with you.

Next day he called the King and the parents of the child in his court and asked the King - "Do you admit your fault that you have killed this couple's child?"
The King bent his head - "Yes, I admit it, that their child was killed by my arrow."
The Kaazee pondered for a while and spoke - "Since you have admitted your crime, that is why you are forgiven."

As soon as the King was set free, he took out a dagger from his back and said to the Kaazee - "If you had not done justice correctly today, I would have killed you by this dagger."
The Kaazee also took out a whip from his back - "If you had not accepted your crime today, I would have whipped you from this whip until you were dead."



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