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Chaitanya Mahaaprabhu on Dharm
From  Chaitanya Mahaaprabhu

Chaitanya Mahaaprabhu had two disciples – Sanatan Goswami and Roop Goswami. They wrote many books. It is only through such disciples of Mahaaprabhu that we learn the life history of this great Avataar.

Mahaaprabhu’s disciple Nityanand was deeply concerned about the way the world was moving. People were living with false values. There were no genuine Masters to guide them and the innocent and ignorant people were being caught in the net of quack Guru. His Master, Chaitanya Mahaaprabhu, had shut himself up in a room with a small circle of close friends and was doing Naam Sankeertan. Nityanand desired to bring to the Master's notice the need for guiding the ignorant who were being led astray with false values. He wished that his Guru would come out of closed doors and take a look at the world. But how can one advise the Guru? How can one instruct the Guru to do this or that? After much thinking he decided to carry out this work slyly.

One day, Nityanand informed Chaitanya Mahaaprabhu that a Saadhu had invited them for lunch. Chaitanya Mahaaprabhu accepted the invitation and went to the Saadhu’s place along with Nityanand. When they reached the place he found a board bearing the name of the Saadhu and the Aashram. They went in and were received warmly by the Saadhu of the Aashram. A personal attendant of the Saadhu began to serve them food. Nityanand began to eat happily. He did not seem to be the least concerned about their host or the surroundings.

The Saadhu asked them – “What would you like to have? Gangaa Teerth or Aanand (Gangaa water or Bliss)?”
Chaitanya Mahaaprabhu could not understand the words of the Saadhu. He turned to Nityanand and said – “Nitai, I understand the term “Gangaa Teerth” but what does he mean by “Aanand”?"

Nityanand said – “Oh, Here in this place “Aanand” refers to the company of women. And by “Gangaa Teerth” he does not mean the holy Gangaa water but wine.”
Chaitanya Mahaprabhu was aghast to hear this explanation.

“What?” He cried out. And taking hold of Nityanand’s hand he rushed out. He ran away from that place as quickly as his legs would carry him. He stopped after he had gone a safe distance away. He was panting heavily and was seething with anger.

Calming him down, Nityanand next led him to his (Mahaprabhu's) disciple Adwaitaachaarya’s home. Adwaitaachaarya also welcomed them with great joy and offered them a seat. Nityanand said to him – “Our Gurudev is hungry. Please offer him some food.”

Adwaitaachaarya said to him at once – “Oh, I have not yet performed my daily rites. In fact first I complete my daily rites, then only I cook my food, so it will take some time.”

Chaitanya Mahaaprabhu jumped up from his seat and taking hold of Nityanand’s hand walked out of Adwaitaachaarya’s home too. The clever Nityanand drove him home. Now Chaitanya Mahaaprabhu realized what Nityanand was trying to convey to him.

First, he showed him that how the quack Guru who claimed to show the path of spirituality to the world was fooling the public. Secondly, in the name of following scriptural injunctions men failed to recognize its end purpose. Adwaitaachaarya was so deeply drowned in the performance of his daily rites prescribed by the scriptures that he asked his Atithi, his Guru, who is God himself in human form, to wait for hours for offering him food.



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