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Chaitanya Mahaaprabhu: meaning of Geetaa
From  Chaitanya Mahaaprabhu

Once Chaitanya Mahaaprabhu visited a big temple of South India, Ranganaath Temple. He went to see the Deity, and he saw that one Braahman was reading Bhagvad Geetaa there. And people were making mockery of him – “O, Braahman, How you are reading Bhagvad Geetaa?” Because they were his neighbors, they knew that this Braahman was illiterate so how he could read Bhagvad Geetaa. That is why they were making mockery of him.

But the Braahman did not care for them. He was taking the book in his hands and was reading it in his own way. Chaitanya Mahaaprabhu saw this.
He came to the Braahman and asked him – “My dear Braahman, what you are reading?”

First he could not understand the question, but then he said – “Prabhu, This person is not joking with me; He is serious.” Then he explained – “Prabhu, I am reading Bhagvad Geetaa. Unfortunately, I am illiterate. I do not know even the alphabets.”
“Then how you are reading Bhagvad Geetaa?” Mahaaprabhu asked.

He replied – “My spiritual master knows that I am illiterate, but still, he has asked me to read Bhagvad Geetaa. What can I do? Because of his order I have taken this book. I am seeing it simply. I do not know how to read.”
“Oh, that’s all right. You cannot read. But I see that you are crying while you are reading. How you are crying if you are not reading?”
“Yes, I am crying. Of course, there is a cause for this.”

“May I know what is that cause?”
“As soon as I take this Bhagvad Geetaa in my hands, I remember Krishn, that Krishn is sitting as a chariot driver on Arjun’s chariot and Arjun is hearing His preaching. I have heard the story, that is why I know something of the instruction Krishn gave to Arjun, but I cannot read. So as soon as I take this book, this picture comes before my eyes and I simply think – “Oh, how nice is Krishn that He became the chariot driver for His devotee. He is so great, still, He accepted a menial service of His devotee.” This thought gives me so much pleasure that I start crying.”

Chaitanya Mahaaprabhu embraced him and said – “Your Bhagvad Geetaa reading is perfect, because you have taken its essence.”



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