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Naanak: Watering the Fields

One day Guru Naanak was bathing in a river and saw a few persons facing the east doing Tarpan. He asked them what they were doing and he was told that they were offering Tarpan to their Pitri. He asked them how far the Pitri Lok was. They said that they did not know but they were told that it was far far away. He asked them then how the water would reach that far if they offer the Tarpan here. They told that the Shaastra say that there are carrying deities that cannot be seen and they carry the water in the unseen form.

Then Guru Naanak started throwing water with both hands facing the west as if he was offering Tarpan. Seeing his strange behavior they asked him what he was doing. He told them that he was irrigating his fields which were 5 miles from the river in the west.

Then they questioned his IQ whether it was possible? He replied calmly that if the water could reach an unknown place far away through the Tarpan it is possible for the water offered from the river to reach his fields about the location and existence of which he was sure.



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