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Types of Deekshaa

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Types of Deekshaa
By Muralidhar Swami Ji

Deekshaa is of three types, it is not only that when a Guru gives Deekshaa only by performing ceremonies, it may be given by other methods also.

(1) Hast Deekshaa
A hen lays her eggs and sits on it to hatch it. By the touch of the hen the egg is hatched and the chickens come out of the eggs. Likewise, the Guru touches his disciples and this activates the spiritual fervor in them.

Many young boys used to visit Shree Raamkrishn Paramhans. Suddenly these young boys would stop visiting him. Shree Raamkrishn Paramhans felt disturbed and when the boys visited him after a gap he questioned them - "Why have you not come here for a long time?" The young boys explained - "Our elders at home do not like our visiting you. They say that by visiting you our studies would be spoilt. They refuse to permit us to come here."

Shree Raamkrishn told the boys to somehow bring the elders at home - the parents or uncle or whoever it was who tried to stop the young ones from visiting him, to him. When those elders came to him, he touched them while speaking to them. This touch changed their attitude and their children began to visit Shree Raamkrishn again. This is called "Hast Deekshaa" (initiation by touch).

(2) Chakshu Deekshaa
The fish lays its eggs in the water and keeps moving hither and thither in the water. But, the fish keeps looking at the eggs laid. Through the very gaze of the fish the eggs are hatched. This is called "Chakshu Deekshaa" (initiation by look). The Guru looks at his disciple and this triggers off the spiritual fervor in him.

Paul Brunton came to the presence of Bhagavaan Ramana Maharshi at the advice of Mahaa Periyaava. He had a number of questions to be placed before Bhagavaan. Bhagavaan said to him that he would meet him in his room. Bhagavaan went in his room, as promised and sat gazing at Paul Brunton. At the end of it, Bhagavaan asked him - "You want to ask some questions from me. What are those questions?" Paul Brunton said - "No. I don't feel the need to ask any question. All my questions have been answered." Such is the gaze of the Guru.

(3) Vichaar Deekshaa
A tortoise lays its eggs on land and moves over to the water. Staying in water, its thoughts rest on the eggs laid on the land. By the constant thought of the eggs by the tortoise the eggs get hatched. This is called "Vichaar Deekshaa" (initiation by thought). Similarly, the Guru thinks of his disciple and this takes the disciple higher in his spiritual path. One who has fallen into the gaze of the Guru has no escape.

Ramana Maharishi also speaks of these three 'Deekshaa' in his 'Aksharamanamalai' (Hundred and Eight Verses to Sri Arunachala - http://youtube/r6qfW560RLA



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