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Adhyaatm Raamaayan

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3-Baal Kaand

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Dasharath was desolate that he did not have any issue and asked his Guru Vashishth Jee about the possible way to remedy the situation whereupon Vashishth Jee told him to do Putra Kaameshti Yagya and when he did so the god of Fire emerged from the Yagya Kund and gave him a vessel of Paayasam and told him to give it to his wives. Dasharath gave it to Kausalyaa and Kaikeyee dividing that equally and both of them gave half of their share to Sumitraa who came there and wished for it.

Then the three queens became expectant mothers. Kausalyaa gave birth to a Divine child in the month of Chaitra, on the 9th day of the bright fortnight under the sign of Cancer, when the star Punarvasu was supreme. The Sun was in the sign of Ram (Aries, or Mesh), and five planets were on the ascendant, Mars was in Capricorn, Saturn was in Libra, Jupiter was in Cancer and Venus was in Pisces.

Naaraayan Himself was born as the son of Kausalyaa and the divine instruments sounded in Heaven and the Devtaa showered flowers from above at the time of His birth. Bhagvaan appeared to Kousalyaa with a complexion of a dark blue colored lotus, wearing Peetaambar, Makar Kundal and His eyes were full of mercy on His smiling face and with four arms carrying Shankh, Chakra, Gadaa and lotus flower. In short He appeared in His real form and not as a child. Kausalyaa seeing Him thus was filled with wonder and spoke to Him thus with her eyes streaming with tears of joy.

dev deva namaste astu Shankh Chakra Gadaadhar
Paramaatmaa achyuto anantah poornastwam purushotthamah (Baal-3.20)
"Oh Lord I bow down to you, who is wearing conch and chakra and Gadaa , who is the Supreme self, infallible, eternal, one whole and the supreme Purush.

vadanti agocharam vaachaam buddhyaadeenaam ateendriyam
twaam ved vaadinah sattaamaatram gyaanaik vigraham (Baal-3.21)
Those who have the knowledge of Ved say that you are beyond the cognition of words, intellect and sense organs.

twamev maayayaa vishwam srijasi avasi hyamsi cha
sattwaadi gunasamy uktah turya eva amalah sadaa (Baal-3.22)
You create the world, by the power of your Maayaa, protect it and annihilate it by assuming the three Gun but you are pure and contaminated by the Gun."

Then Kausalyaa went on saying that the Lord is not doing anything, which those deluded by ignorance do not understand, but only those with pure mind do. That the One in whom all the worlds reside has come to reside in her womb is a delusion. As He is bound by devotion she was able to see Him in His real form. Then she prayed that His Divine form should always remain in her mind.

dev twadroopam etad me sadaa tishtatu maanase
aavrNothu na maam maayaa tava vishwa vimohinee (Baal-3.28)
May your form remain in my mind always, Oh Lord, May your Maayaa which deludes the whole world not surround me.

upasanhaar vishwaatmaa adho roopam alaukikam
darshayasva mahaananda baal bhaavam sukomalam (Baal-3.29)
Oh Lord of the Universe, hide this form of yours which is super human and appear as an ordinary child so that I can have the pleasure of fondling you, and enjoy you by talking. embracing etc. which will give me extreme joy."

Bhagvaan agreed saying that she and Dasharath were His devotee in their previous birth and did penance to get Him as their son and hence He had come to their house as their son in this birth and He had taken the incarnation at the request of the Devtaa to destroy Raavan. As a result of her penance in her previous birth she had the opportunity to see His divine form. Bhagvaan ended by saying that whoever reads this conversation and whoever hears it will attain Bhagvaan and he will remember Bhagvaan at the time of his death. The next moment Prabhu became an ordinary infant and started crying.

Dasharath was overjoyed on seeing his son who looked like blue sapphire. His joy increased even more when Kaikeyee gave birth to Bharat and Sumitraa had twins, Lakshman and Shatrughn. Dasharath gave away many cows, lands and wealth to Braahman and with the permission of Vashishth Jee he celebrated the birth of the princes according to Vaidik rites.

The son of Kausalya was given the name Raam by Vashishth Jee because he was going to give joy to all, from rustic to the sages. The son of Kaikeyee was named Bharat as he was going to bear a great burden, first of the ill fame due to the action of his mother and later that of the kingdom for fourteen years, which was also an unwelcome burden for him. The sons of Sumitraa were named Lakshman and Shatrughn.

The children grew up giving happiness to their parents, who enjoyed their actions and Raam with jewel on his crown gave immense joy to Dasharath and Kausalyaa. Thus the princes reached boyhood when the sacred thread ceremony and were sent to Gurukul for learning Ved and Shaastra. They too became well versed in all Shaastra and in the skills befitting for the princes.

Thus the Supreme Lord who is immutable and eternal took human form and did everything like an ordinary mortal. But in reality He did not do anything.



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