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Adbhut Raamaayan is a smaller and older work than both Vaalmeeki's Raamaayan, which is considered the original version and Tulasee's Maanas, with only 27 Sarg with various meters. It only briefly recounts the traditional Raam. Its earliest events, such as Raam's birth, His training with Vishwaamitra, His breaking the bow of Shiv to marry Seetaa are not there. Here in this Raamaayan, His story begins with the meeting with Parashuraam as He is returning from Janak Puree after marrying Seetaa. Seetaa is given more importance in this work than in any other Raamaayan. Its two very prominent events are Seetaa's birth and Raavan's wife Mandodaree's, as well as her conquest over Raavan's two older brothers in Her Mahaa Kaalee form.

Bharadwaaj approached Vaalmeeki to explain the hidden teachings of his Raamaayan. Vaalmeeki Jee explains that Raam is Brahm and Seetaa is the Prakriti, His power. Raam descended on the Earth apparently because of the curse of sage Naarad, but His real intention was to destroy the wicked people and to save the good people.

Seetaa was the daughter of Raavan, but She was abandoned by his wife Mandodaree. She was found by Mithilaa's king Janak in his farm field. Raam's marriage, Parashuraam's humiliation, Raam entering the forest with Seetaa and Lakshman, Seetaa's abduction, Raam striking friendship with Sugreev and Hanumaan etc are described in brief.

Hanumaan's question to Raam, "Who are you" brings Raam's answer thus:- "I am Aatmaa, Parameshwar, Maayaavee and Antaryaamee."

Then there is a discourse on Bhakti (devotion), and a mixture of philosophical and mythological topics. Hanumaan's prayer to Raam is a very good hymn here. Yuddh Kaand is very briefly described and at the end Seetaa tells Raam that there is a brother of Raavan with a thousand heads. Raam invades Pushkar Dweep where this 1000 headed Raakshas lived.

In this war, Raam falls unconscious. Seetaa then assumes the terrible form of Kaalee and destroys him and his followers.
On regaining consciousness, Raam was surprised, but praises her with a long hymn of 1008 names.
This is called the Seetaa Sahastra Naam.
She now regains her original form of calmness and returns to Ayodhyaa with Raam.
Raam is crowned then.



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