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2-Health Information

General Health Sites

AllHealth, a part of iVillage women's network, covers both men and women's health issues - Is also a good site for health information.

Health A-Z - Gives description of more than 7,000 drugs and all kinds of diseases from A to Z.

Health Web - This is the organizational site. It links you to a vast knowledge of health information. It is good for educational purpose.

Life Clinic - serves as a resource for information about common health conditions

healthAtoZ - site is for the latest headlines on new studies and treatments.

MayoClinic - is a virtual hospital with many departments and services. It is directed by a team of physicians, scientists, writers and educators from Mayo Clinic. - WebMD health information site. Features comprehensive work on state of your health. On-site is a medical librarty, a drug database, and an option to ask an expert or communicate with others. - Good for diet programs

InteliHealth site - Lets you search the Merriam Webster Dictionary for the definition of some fancy medical terms.

Merck Manual of Medical Information Home Edition -
is another site for medical information - A-Z.

MSN Health Site -
Good for chatting, checking all kinds of illnesses, from A-Z. Covers alternative medicines too.

Alternative Medicines
Most people depend on Internet for medical information. To learn about food, nutrition, diseases and so on - For homeopathic medicines, directory of doctors in UK, US and world. Services and supplies.

Homeopathy Internet Resources - Many links to Internet sites. Free homeopathy newsletter.

Homeopathy - Hosted by Elixir. Free newsletter. Remedies for diseases. Consultation with doctors.

Positivehealthclinic - homeopathy online clinic

Ayurvedic Medicines -
Want to know about herbs? Go to this site for all kinds of herbs. Alphabetically arranged. For herbs it is a good site.

Another Herb Site -
Arranged alphabetically.

Natural Health Encyclopedia -
Gives a very good description of diseases and the herbs and match them together.

Alternative Medicine Encyclopedia -
Another alternative medicine encyclopedia by Gale. Very good articles on Ayurvedic medicines and herbs.

Major Online Pharmacies - Here you can purchase from prescription medicine to aromatherapy - It is no longer filling the prescription drugs. But here you can research on-prescription-medicines before buying them.

WebRx -
This site lets you search over-the-counter medicine information. It gives you health news, alternative medicine and a long list of diseases. Rated best.

RXInternational -
They sell many prescription drugs. The site gives a list of the drugs, their availability, price, quantity, size, drugs they don't sell etc.



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