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37-Three Things in Life

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Three Things in Life

Three things in Life, when once gone, can never come back in life

Time,  Words,  Opportunity

Three things in Life,  once they are there, they may never be lost

Hope,  Peace,  Honesty

Three things in Life that are most valuable

Love,  Self-confidence,  Friends

Three things in Life that are never certain

Dreams,  Success,  Fortune

Three things in Life that make a man or woman

Hard work,  Sincerity,  Commitment

Three things in Life that can destroy a man or a woman

Alcohol,  Pride,  Anger

Three things in Life that once lost, hard to build up

Respect,  Trust,  Friends

[Somebody sent me this mail, I agree with most of them, but I do not agree with "that once honesty is there, it may never be lost". Honesty, and even other qualities, are lost when a person is dying with hunger, or disease or any other thing.]



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Created by Sushma Gupta On May 27, 2001
Modified on 06/10/13