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The One: They are bringing in the New Year.
The Other: Its the same old year which happened long go.

The One: What?! Its 2009!
The Other: Earth moves on the same path so wherever we are today is where we have been at some time in the past.

The One: But everything is different in a different Age.
The Other: What's different is what covers people, the substance remains the same.

The One: You mean they are the same souls coming here again and again?
The Other: Yes.

The One: Same actors, different stories?
The Other: Same stories, different actors.

The One: Same people in different ages saying Happy New Year?
The Other: Same people in different ages saying Happy New Year.

The One: [disgustedly] You have a really jaundiced view of life I must say.
The Other: The yellow is in your eyes.

The One: [muses] So when people greet, its the same father, lover, mother, son, daughter, uncle, cousin, coworker.
The Other: Except that in every lifetime roles change.

The One: [really upset] What? So the father may become the son and the wife, the... Disgusting!
The Other: Why not? Its the throw of dice at best, with the variables set at 50 million blind tadpoles to one unthinking blob.

The One: How do you know all this?
The Other: The same way you do not know all things.

The One: [tauntingly] So you know everything about everyone and that's the makes everything safe.
The Other: That makes everything unsafe.

The One: [pauses] I will pretend that I understood that. In any case a Very Happy 2009!
The Other: You have wished me that long ago. Why say the same thing twice?



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Created by Sushma Gupta On May 27, 2001
Modified on 06/10/13