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25-Time Has Changed

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25-Time Has Changed

Till 25 years ago......

A Program was
... only a television show

An Application was
... only for employment

Windows were
... something you hated to clean

A Cursor
... used profanity

A keyboard was
... only in a piano

Memory was
... something you lost with age

A CD was
... only a bank account

If you unzipped in public
... you went to jail

... was something you did to garbage

A hard drive
... was a long trip on the road

... on was adding wood to fire

A backup
... happened to your toilet

A mouse pad
... was where a mouse lived

... you did with scissors

... you did with your glue only

A web
... was a spider's home; and

A Virus
... was the flu!!

But now everything has a different meaning - Times surely have changed

Time Has Changed

20 Years Ago:
... Ed Navis, the class clown, was caught reading Playboy.
... Mrs. McMahon, the art teacher, is caught posing for Playboy.

20 Years Ago:
... Nurse Dweezel treated the fifth grade's first case of whooping cough.
... Nurse Dweezel treats the fifth grade's first case of morning sickness

20 Years Ago:
... students find mercury, lead and cobalt on the periodic table.
... students find mercury, lead and cobalt in the drinking water.

20 Years Ago:
... each class began with "Show and Tell."
... each class begins with "Search and Frisk."

Times surely have changed



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Created by Sushma Gupta On May 27, 2001
Modified on 06/16/13