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82-Soccer Or Football - Glossary
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Additional Time
- A few minutes given after the 45 minute to recover lost time in the game, maybe because of injuries or any other reason

- This word is used to denote the upper horizontal bar of the structure in which the net is fixed.

Corner Kick
- Corner Kick, kicking from the arch of a corner, is given to the opposite team when a player's ball goes outside the court from its longer sides.

- There is a half circle outside the Net area. Since it is the shape of the D letter that is why it is called D.

Decorations - It is a piece of a cloth on which the team's logo, monogram etc are embroidered or printed etc. These pieces are exchanged just before the toss to start the game is done.

Extra Time   see   Additional Time

- The diagram inside which the game is played. There are certain rules to draw this diagram.

- When a player throws the ball in the opposite's Team's Net area, it is called Goal. This is the aim of both the Teams to throw as many times as they can throw the ball in opposite Team's Net area. Whichever Team makes more Goals, it wins.

Goalee or Goal Keeper
- Out of 11 members of the Team, one player is assigned the security of the Net area of that the opposite Team cannot throw the ball in the Net area. To stop the ball going in the Net area is his Main and only duty.

Golden Goal - The Goal which decides the winner. If the whole time, 90 minutes, are finished and no Team has been able to make any Goal, an Overtime is given of 30 minutes, 2 halves of 15 minutes each. During this time whoever makes the first Goal is called the Golden Goal. It was first used in Paris, France in 1998.

Knockout Round
Knockout Round is the round which has selected Teams from the Entry point Teams. The number of these teams have been different in different years. For example, in 2006, the top teams of each of the 8 Groups (prepared initially) were included in Knockout Round. In 2014, 32 teams were selected from all over the world, and the top 2 teams were included in the Knockout Round. So basically it is the 2nd Round.

- On both shorter sides of the Field there is a small area covered with Net in which the opposite side players have to throw the ball to secure a Goal.

Off Side

Overtime -
- After 90 minutes, half an hour, two halves of 15 minutes each, to decide the game.

Penalty Kick

The people who play the games. There are 11 players in a Team - one is Goalkeeper and 10 players posted strategically in the field.

Pole is the vertical pillars
of the structure in which the net is fixed. There are four of them, two in front and two in the back. The horizontal bar of the structure is called Bar

Red Card
Red Card is a Red colored card given to a Player misbehaving badly with his rival Team player and so to expel from the game.

A man who takes care of the whole game from the beginning to its end.

A soccer Team is consisted of 11 players - one Goalkeeper and 10 players. These 10 Players are placed in the field strategically and the Goalkeeper protects the Goal.

Yellow Card
Yellow Card is a yellow colored card given to a Player to warn him not to misbehave with his rival Team Player.



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