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44-New Pope

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44-New Pope

There is nothing special to write about Pope here, but in 2013, there had been a special event about him that I had to write about him to record this strange event in the Christian world in more than 700 years. There are 1.2 billion Catholics in the world.

Who is Pope?

--Pope is the Head of the Catholic Church, his head quarter being in Vatican City.
--He is elected from among all the Cardinals around the world.
--Two third majority is required to be elected as the Pope.
--A new Pope is elected only after the old Pope has died.
--When a Pope has died, in Vatican City a black smoke comes out of the chimney and it continues till the new Pope is elected. Upon the election of the new Pope white smoke comes out from it.

The New Pope

The new Pope is Jorge Mario Bergoglio (Pope Francis I), elected for the first time from a South American country,  from Argentina. he has replaced the German Pope Benedict XVI. he was elected on March 13, 2013. He was born on December 17, 1936 (76 years old)

Specialties of the New Pope

This new Pope, the 266th one, Francis I, elected in 2013, has some more specialties --

(1) He is the first Pope who comes from a Jesuit order whose members take a vow of poverty and have traditionally shunned careerism, instead focusing on service, education and engaging with the world. (Thus he might be real Sanyaasee)

(2) Normally the Pope was elected when the previous Pope had died, but this Pope, Pope Francis I, in 2013, first time in the history of more than 700 years of Church, was elected in the life time of the previous Pope.

(3) Till now all Pope have been elected only from European countries, but this Pope, for the first time, comes from Western Hemisphere, a South American country - Argentina.

(4) This Pope seems quite different from all his predecessors as he is known as "Pope of Peoples".
Normally Pope pray for others and bless the others, but this Pope started with "Please pray for me and bless me...."
He does not use any security while moving among public.

(5) He is the first Pope who has taken the name of Francis. He argues for choosing this name as Francis because Francis came from a rich family and took a vow of poverty

(6) He stopped to pay his hotel bill a day after becoming the Pope.

(7) He wore simple black shoes and an ordinary wristwatch with a thick black band to his first Mass as pontiff.

(8) He rode in a minivan to dinner with the cardinals who elected him, affectionately telling them, “May God forgive you for what you’ve done."

(9) He traveled in bus leaving papal car empty.

Two Pope Meet

It is the first time in the history of more than 700 years of the Church, that a Pope has resigned. He resigned on February 11, 2013 on the ground of his ill health. The previous Pope, Pope Benedict XVI,  has become the Pope Emeritus after his resignation. Thus there have never been two Pope together. There was only one Pope.

Thus in 2013, there are two Pope and they met on March 23, 2013 at lunch.

For Italians, this Pope, who was born in Argentina to parents from the northern Italian region of Piedmont, may quickly become the most beloved Argentine since Diego Maradona, who played for the Napoli soccer club in the 1980s. Already, they are praising his warmth and common touch. “He almost brought me to tears when he asked to be blessed by us, before blessing us,” “And then he opened his speech with two simple words, ‘Buona sera,’ ” or ‘Good evening,’
[written on March 23, 2013]

Other Specialties

He is still living in a rented suite.
(10) The New Pope washed the feet of two girls in the feet washing ceremony on Good Friday, March 29, 2013. His this action was criticized as the violation of the Chrishtian laws.



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