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Indian Jokes-20

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Indian Jokes-20

1. Maths Exam, Pakistan. Time: 3 hrs, Marks: 100

All questions are compulsory.

1. Abdul was sent to jail for murder. He has 7 wives in his house. Abdul distributed money to his wives in such a proportion that the youngest and most recent wife receives maximum and oldest wife gets minimum, and each wife gets double of her former competitor. Abdul has Rs 1700 left in his house. Abdul's oldest wife needs at least Rs 25 per month. Find out the time when Abdul will have to break jail to come out and earn money so that his wives do not starve. [25 marks]

2. Karim is a Drug seller. Prices per gram of Marijuana, hasheesh, heroine and LHD s are Rs 50, 60,70,80 respectively. Karim offers a discount of Rs 20 for his buyers who buys more than 50 grams of drug. If Rahim, a buyer gets Rs 37 discount, find out the grams of LHD he bought. [25 marks]

3. Imran tampers the ball thrice per over. He deforms the ball .02% of its original shape each time . Find the percentage deformation of the ball due to tampering in one day series against India in which Imran bowled 9.3 overs. [25 marks]

4. Samsuddin has a Company named Al-Badr Kidnapping & Murder Private Limited. He has to threat 10 people per day over phone. 40% of the people he threats are cinema-stars in Lahore, 30% are businessmen in Karachi, 20% are cricketers in Islamabad and 10% are shopkeepers in Peshawar . If ISD charges are Rs 15, 25, 40, 50 per minute from Samsuddin's city Islamabad to Karachi, Lahore and Peshawar respectively, calculate his monthly cost. [25 marks]

Students asked -
If the Question paper is set in English, can the answers be written in Urdu?
If the Question paper is set in Urdu, can the answers be written in Sindhi?
If you have no answer, please verify to know the correct answer Yes.
If in a Maths or physics paper, the questions are very tough, unsolvable, then instead, as alternative can a student answer in Quraan's Aayats ?
Will the examiner be religiously generous to give at least pass marks in those subjects?

If you have no answers please verify to know the correct answers to both Questions : Yes.

2. An interesting CV

Name: Pakya Bhai Supariwala
Objective: To obtain a challenging position as a Crime Implementation Analyst (CIA)

- B.S. (Crime Technology) Tihar Jail, India, August 1994
- M.S. (Criminal Sciences) Virginia Prison for International Smugglers and the Unlawful Activists (VPISUA), August 1996.

'On escaping from high security prisons like Alcatraz with minimal efforts'

Cop Psychology, Plastic Explosives Technology, Bomb Controls and Timer Device Theory, International Smuggling and Drug Trafficking, Object Oriented Crime Design

Work Experience:
- Research Assistant, LTTE Labs, Jaffna, Aug 1990 - Aug 1991
- Worked on the prestigious Belt Bomb project
- Developed instant death cyanide capsules in orange, strawberry; and mint flavors (Patent No. 007,13,666)

Summer Internship:
Dawood Ibrahim and Haji Mastan Associates, Bombay, June1987 - July1990
- Worked as a hitman and was responsible for many supari style killings
- Participated in election rigging in Bihar and made hafta Collections

Honors and Achievements:
- Won 1980 Gabbar Singh Memorial Award (given to child prodigies in crime)
- Member, IPKF (Indian Professional Killers Forum) student chapter
- Performer of the year in 2004 General Elections in Bihar and U.P.
- Strong hold on Govt. and NGOs.
- Specialized in extortion, illegal construction business and fake academic degree supply.

- Dr. Charles Sobhraj, Full Time Prof., Tihar Jail, New Delhi
- Dr. Chandra Swamy, Visiting Faculty Tihar Jail, New Delhi
- Dr. Dawood Ibrahim, Overseas Projects Manager, Dubai



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