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Indian Jokes-1

1. A Gujaraatee Fun Joke

Kanjibhai was traveling to Bombay to take up a new job. Rupaben was also traveling in the same compartment except that they didn't know each other in the beginning. Once they started talking, they realized they both had a lot in common.
1. Both were Single
2. Both were Gujaraatee
3. Both were going to Bombay
4. Both were teachers
5. Both were starting new jobs at Mithibai College (nostalgia)

They seemed to hit it off well and decided to be roommates in Bombay and made a pact that they would do everything together. So they lived in the same house, traveled to the college together on Kanjibhai's scooter, had lunch in the staff room together, returned home together. They were watching the TV together, eating dinner together and were also sharing the same bedroom and even sharing the same bed.

The only problem was that Rupaben placed a pillow between them at bedtime, much to the frustration of Kanjibhai, who ended up spending many sleepless nights with this most desirable beauty besides him, separated by the pillow. Kanjibhai's frustration built up to such an extent that he could take it no more and decided to get drunk.

So one day he took off from the college leaving Rupaben behind, alone. She was quite upset, but made it home by auto rickshaw. The pact "to do everything together" had been broken, so she decided not to open the door for Kanjibhai when he got home drunk at about 2 AM. Kanjibhai knocked on the door for about 20 minutes and pleaded with his Roommate to let him in. After listening to his crap for 20 minutes, Rupaben said: "Where the hell did you disappear today? We decided to do everything together! Now you sleep outside."

Kanjibhai replied, "I will jump over the wall and come in if you don't open the door right now!" To which Rupaben said, 'Huve.....reva de! Reva de! Chaar maheenaa thaya...Tu to pillow nee oopar thi jump na kari sako.... to deewal oopar thi su jump karise?"

2. A Sindhee Joke

A Sindhee phones a dentist to enquire about the cost for a tooth extraction.. .... ....

"Rs 5000 for an extraction, Sir" the dentist replied.
"Rs 5,000? Have you not got anything cheaper?"

"That's the normal charge," said the dentist.
"What about if you did not use any anesthesia?"
"That's unusual, sir, but I could do it and knock Rs 1500 off and it would be quite painful."

"What about if you used one of your dentist trainees and still without anesthesia?"
"I can't guarantee their professionalism and it may be extremely painful, but the price could drop to Rs 2,000".

"How about if you make it a training session, and your student do the extraction with the other students watching and learning ?
"It'll be good for the students", mulled the dentist. "but you must understand that it's going to be very traumatic as well as really really painful, but I'll charge you only Rs 500 in that case."

"Arr Waah, Good! ! It's a deal," said the Sindhee.
"Can you confirm an appointment for my wife next Tuesday then?"

3. Fire in Mumbai, India

In northern Mumbai, a fire destroyed a four storied building.

A Muslim family of six con artists lived on the first floor, and all six died in the fire.
A Guju group of seven Kenyan welfare cheats lived on the second floor They too, all perished in the fire.
Six Maraathee Gangster ex-cons lived on the 3rd floor - they were also dead.
One Sindhi couple living on the top floor survived the fire.

Abu Azmi, Narendra Modi and Raj Thackeray were furious. They flew in and quickly demanded a meeting with the fire chief. On camera, they loudly demanded to know why their guys died and the Sindhi survived.

The fire chief quietly replied, "They were at work".

For its another version see "Fire in East London"

4. Taxi Driver

Three men were drunk and they stopped a taxi.
The taxi driver had figured that they're not in their minds, so when they had sat in the taxi, he just switched on the engine, and after a couple of minutes he switched it off and told them, "We've Reached".

The first man gave him money, the second man said thank you, and the third one slapped him!
The taxi driver got surprised, but was sure that none of them realized the car didn't move an inch then "what was that for?"
The third man said, "Saaley aaraam se chalaayaa kar, maravaa detaa aaj too"
(means "drive easily, you must have killed us today.")



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