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Miscellaneous Colors-2

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Miscellaneous Colors-2

Here are some color combinations one may use in web pages. First column may be regarded as the first column for navigation, second column color is for its text. The third column is the main area, and fourth column color is for writing text in it. Where there is no color, white or black color may be used accordingly.

587498 E86850 587058 FFD800


2C6700 E5E4D7 92CD00 FFCF79


F3EFE0 587058 CD5C5C FFFE59


990033 FFFF00 336699 6699B6


000000 CC0000 6600CC FFCC00


666699 CCCCCC FFCC00 6600CC


009933 FFFF66 FF6600 000000


0099CC CCFFCC 003399 FFFF66


006400 CCFFFF BOC4DE 0099CC


FFCC00 000066 FFFFFF  


9A3334   21C7EF F3EFE0


B76EB8   7ABA7A 028482


3D72A4   000000 FFFFFF


004948 348C8B 4C4FBE FFFFFF


FF9900 FFDE00 097054 6599FF


0F0B19 C5E946 AF4FA2 FFCF00





FF6600   CCCCCC 003366


FFCC00   003366 CCCCCC



003366 3399FF FF9966 FFCC99


FFCC99   CC3300  



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