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1. Narration is for full Mahaabhaarat, but the translation is given only for the first two Parv.

2. Kisari Mohan Ganguli's translation of Mahaabhaarat

KMG's translation is now available on kindle too

3. English Translation of Mrityunjaya
by P Lal and Nandini Nopany published by writers workshop, Kolkata, and available from in critique of this is on, "I am myself alone".

4. Pradip Bhattacharya's extensive review of the Viraat Parv verse-by-verse
transliterated by Padmashree Dr P Lal


5. Mahaabhaarat in Italian Language
http://files- search.php? search=mahabhara ta%20online% 20italiano
http://rapid4me. com/?q=mahabhara ta+online+ italiano

6. Kumbakonam edition of MBH - pdf files. Mbh with Nilakantha commentary.

7. MBH : from the Viewpoint of Morar ji Bapu - available at
Youtube as  "Manas Mahabharat"

8. The First Bengali Mahabharata in Verse and in Prose. 
By Pradip Bhattacharya



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