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The following are worth looking into :

Sabhaa Parv : Sahadev sends Ghatotkach to Vibheeshan in Lankaa.
--According to Ganguli's MBH, 3-Youth/22, Sahadev never sent Ghatokach to Lankaa - in fact there is no mention of Ghatotkach during the whole Digvijaya Yaatraa.

Van Parv : The boar who attacks Arjun (in Kiraat story) is Mukaasur who is sent by Duryodhan

Udyog Parv : After meeting Karn , Krishn meets Ashwatthaamaa

Theses are mentioned in the classical MBH retellings of Malayaalam Shri Mahaabhaaratam Kilippattu, Bhaaratagaathaa (Cherusseri Bharatam ) and Bhaaratam Pattu. These are also mentioned in Tamil retellings of Mahaabhaarat.

For a summary of other interesting episodes, which might be found in Kumbaakonam Edition, one may read the article, Mahabharata Variations in Malayalam available at Mahabharata Resources  at

Sources for MBH

Mahabharata Research Foundation, Bangalore
This organization has a team of highly qualified and talented scholars working dedicatedly for the Mahaabhaarat. Current projects that are running are:

1. Critical Edition of Mahabharata Lakshalankara - 500 years old rare commentary on the Original Mahaabhaarat of Ved Vyaas by Sri Vadiraja Thirtha - being published for the first time - recently, Dr APJ Abdul Kalam released the same in the first ever "Mahabharata Utsav" at Bangalore held between 13th - 21st Nov 2005.
2. The Encyclopedia of the Mahabharata - an International Edition to bring out an encyclopedia of the Mahabharata
3. The Corpus of the Mahabharata - Digital library of the Mahabharata Texts across the world in various languages and forms - only Sanskrit text has been started this year

Please feel free to contact the Chairman, he was the former vice chancellor of Rashtreeya Sanskrit Vidyapeeta, Tirupati and an awardee of President Medal of Honor for outstanding contribution in the field of Sanskrit.
contact no.     +91-80-26422387       or    
contact secretary -  +91-98450 55755


Paandav Geetaa Translation

Sunil Bhattacharjya  (first son born in 1967)

Indrajit (born in 1970)


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