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Preface-2-How and When Was Mahaabhaarat Written?

 1. Introduction to Mahaabhaarat
 2. How and When was Mahaabhaarat Written?
 3. Why was Mahaabhaarat Written?
 4. MBH Contents

How Mahaabhaarat was Written?

It is an interesting story as how Mahaabhaarat was written. When Ved Vyaas Jee thought about writing it, he found that it was a huge book. Who could write it? So he went to Brahmaa Jee and posed his problem, that he wanted to write a book, but it was so huge that he wanted a scriber to write it, if He could suggest anybody's name who could help him write that book.

Brahmaa Jee thought for a moment and said - "I don't see anybody else than Ganesh Jee who could write your book, but better you yourself ask him first." So Ved Vyaas Jee went to Ganesh Jee and told about his plight and Brahmaa Jee's proposal of his name to write his book. Ganesh Jee agreed to write it. He said - "But there is a condition." Vyaas Jee asked in surprise "What"? Ganesh Jee said - "When I will start writing, I will not wait in between, means I will continuously write."

Ved Vyaas Jee smiled and said - "Ganesh Jee, Then I also have one condition." This time Ganesh Jee's turn was to get a surprise, He asked "What"? Ved Vyaas Jee said - "When I will speak, you will not write anything without first understanding the meaning of it." Ganesh Jee said - "Agreed".

Thus both sat to dictate and write Mahaabhaarat. It is said that whatever time Ganesh Jee took in writing the Shlok, Ved Vyaas Jee used to create several Shlok during that time. Since Ganesh Jee could not have written anything without understanding the meaning first, he was slow in writing, because Ved Vyaas' Shlok had so deep meaning that Ganesh Jee took quite enough time to understand it; and Ved Vyaas Jee's capability to create Shlok was so much that he could create many Shlok during that time.

When was Mahaabhaarat Written?
According to most historians the date of writing Mahaabhaarat is said to be around 3102 BC.



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