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Story of Deerghtamaa

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Story of Deerghtamaa
Ch  104
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Vaishampaayan Jee said - "Bheeshm said to Satyavatee - "In olden days Parashuraam Jee killed Kshatriya on the face of the earth 21 times in the fury of the killing of his father Jamadagni. Many Kshatriya women became widow and they had the children from Braahman. The son belongs to whom that had married the mother. In fact those women went to Braahman, not because of lust, but for virtue, and that is how this Kshatriya race has been revived. In this connection there is a story which I tell you now.

There was a Rishi named Utathya whose wife was Mamataa. He loved his wife very much. One day his younger brother Brihaspati, Dev Guru, came to her and asked for her company. Mamataa told him that she has already conceived from his elder brother, and in such condition he should not propose such a thing to her. She also said to him - "The child has learned Ved etc already while he is in her womb. How two children can be accommodated in her womb?" Although Brihaspati was a learned person, still he could not suppress his desire, so the child in the womb said to him - "O Father, Please stop your attempt, there is no room for two children here." But Brihaspati didn't listen to the child and embraced Mamataa. He even cursed Utathya's child, "You have spoken to me at the time of pleasure which all creatures want to experience, you will be covered with perpetual darkness." That is why Utathya's child who was like Brihaspati, was born blind and was called Deerghtamaa (enveloped in perpetual darkness).

In spite of his blindness he could marry a young Braahman girl named Pradweshee and had several children from her. Gautam was the eldest among all, though all his children were fools. Then he learnt the practice of their orders from Surabhi's son, and soon adopted those practices fearlessly. Then other Muni cast him off their company. Even his wife became angry with him. Then he asked his wife the reason of being dissatisfied with him. She said - "The husband is called Bhartaar, because he supports the wife; he is called Pati because he protects her, but you are neither to me, rather you are blind by birth, it is I who supported you and your children. I will not do this in future."

Hearing this Muni got very angry and said to his wife and children, take me to a Kshatriya, and you will be rich. His wife said - "I don't want your riches. I will not maintain you onward, do as you like." At this Deerghtamaa said - "I lay down the rule of one husband for a woman, be he dead or alive. If she will have another husband, she will be considered as fallen. A woman without husband shall always be liable to be sinful, and even if she will have lots of wealth, she will not be able to enjoy it fully." Pradweshee became very angry hearing his words and asked her sons to throw him in Gangaa River. The obedient sons threw him in Gangaa River.

One day the King Bali came to perform ablutions at Gangaa River. He saw a raft with which the Muni was tied. He took out the Muni and asked him to produce wise and virtuous sons upon his wife. The Muni was full of energy so he agreed. Bali sent his wife Sudeshnaa to him. But the queen did not go to him herself knowing that he was blind and old, she sent her nurse. The Muni, full of energy, produced 11 children from her, among whom Kaaksheevat was the eldest. He was the knower of Ved and was like Braahman. One day, seeing those children, King Bali asked the Muni - "Are these children mine?" Rishi said - "No, They are mine. These children are born from a Shoodra woman. Unfortunate queen Sudeshnaa insulted me seeing me blind and old, and sent her nurse to me."

The King then pacified the Muni and sent Sudeshnaa again to him. The Muni merely touched her and said - "You will have five children named Ang, Bang, Kaling, Pundra and Suhm who will be like Soorya in glory. Countries will be known after their names." And that is what happened with Bali. Thus many Kshatriya women had children from Braahman.

O Mother, Now you may decide what action to take."

End of the Story of Deerghtamaa


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