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Lalitaa Kund

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Lalitaa Kund in Kaamyak Van

There is a beautiful pond towards the East of Soorya Kund and Nand Gaanv. This is the place where Lalitaa used to take bath. She sometimes brought Raadhikaa also here to meet Krishn.

Once Krishn instructed Raadhaa to be cautious of Naarad Jee. He said - "Devarshi is of an odd nature man, sometimes he instigates quarrels between husband and wife, friends, mother and son etc. Therefore it is better to be cautious from him. But Raadhaa took it as a joke and ignored Krishn's advice.

One day Lalitaa was making a flower garland from Chamelee, Belaa etc flowers sitting in the forest. When the garland was complete, she scattered the flowers and again started making garland. Naarad Jee was watching her doing this for some time, so he came to her and asked the reason to make the garland and to scatter the flowers repeatedly. Lalitaa said - "When I finish the garland, I feel that either this garland is short or long for Krishn, that is why I am doing the same." Naarad Jee said - "But krishn is playing nearby, then why don't you try the garland in his nack and complete the garland instead of making it several times." Hearing this Lalitaa made that garland according to the size of Krisn and put it in His neck. Krishn also started waiting for Raadhaa as Raadhaa had already told Lalitaa that she should make the garland and she was also coming there soon. But she was a bit late as her friends were adorning her.

Naarad had taken this word from Krishn that he wanted to see Krishn and Raadhaa on a swing together. Today he remembered His promise, so he repeatedly requested Krishn to sit on the swing with Lalitaa. Hearing this request, Krashn sat on the swing with Lalitaa and still waiting for Raadhaa. Now Naarad Jee sang "Krishna and Lalitaa Kee Jaya Ho" (Victory to Krishn and Lalitaa) and came to Raadhaa. Raadhaa said - "Devarshi, What is it? Today you are singing the glory of Krishn and Lalitaa very much? Something is surely special, tell me that." Naarad Jee said - Oh, Raadhaa Jee, What a beautiful sight of Krishn and Lalitaa Jee. Krishn is wearing flower Vanamaalaa and is swinging with Lalitaa Jee. If you don't trust me, come and see for yourself." But Raadhaa actually did not believe him, she thought, "How can Krishn swing with Lalitaa in my absence?" So she herself came to that place and really saw them swinging. She filled with anger, returned from there and sat angrily in her place in the forest.

When Krishn did not see Raadhaa for some time, He went to check for Raadhaa. He politely asked her what was the matter. Hearing the story, He said - "I told you before his naughtynature." and then cleared everything to her. Then they both sat on the swing and started swinging and lalitaa and Vishaakhaa helped them in swinging.

This Leelaa occurred here only. There is a Naarad Kund and a place to swing also nearby this Lalitaa Kund.



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