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Name 6 characters common in Raamaayan and Mahaabhaarat
(1) Hanumaan - main character in Raamaayan and meets Bheem in MBH,
(2) Durvaasaa Muni - means to kill Lakshman in Raamaayan, and means to embarrassment to Paaandav in the forest by telling them that he was coming for food in MBH,
(3) Parashuraam - meets Raam in Janak Puree in Raamaayan and meets Ambaa and Bheeshm in MBH,
(4) Naarad Jee - he is everywhere all the time
(5) Jaambvaan - main character in Raamaayan, and meets Krishn and marries his daughter Jaambvatee to Krishn in MBH,
(6) Dwivid - main character in Raamaayan, Balaraam kills him in MBH while on his Teerth Yaatraa.

Is there any similarity between MBH and Raamaayan characters?
Yes, there are some similarities -
(1) Both Paandav and Raam were of Divine births, although Raam Himself was incarnation of Vishnu, while all Paandav were the sons of various Devtaa.

(2) Both incarnations, Krishn and Raam each had a brother (from the same father but from a different mother) incarnation of Shesh Jee - Krishn had His elder brother Balaraam and Raam had His younger brother Lakshman.

(3) Both, Paandav and Raam got their wives by competition - Paandav by piercing the eye of a fish and Raam by breaking Shiv's bow.

(4) And their wives were so beautiful that someone tried to take them away in their husbands' absence - Draupadee by Jayadrath (though he could not succeed), and Seetaa by Raavan because of which Raam-Raavan war happened.

(5) Both Paandav and Raam, only the kings, had to go to forest for 13 and 14 years respectively, and both were accompanied by their wife and brothers.

(6) Wives of both Paandav and Raam had to suffer with harassment during their exile period - Draupadee by Jayadrath and Keechak and Seetaa by Raavan.

(7) Karn and Kumbhkarn - Apart from the similarity of their names, their stories also run almost parallels. Both went to meet their deaths in the battlefield, knowingly full well that they were fighting on the wrong side and victory was sure to be on the other side because of the presence of Lord Krishn / Raam. Yet they gave up their lives for the side they felt they were indebted to. Kumbhkarn's personality is more tragic and great in the Raamaayan because he even advises Raavan not to fight with Raam and return Seetaa to Him; but Karn in this respect was stubborn - he was still adamant to fight, to kill Arjun and to help Duryodhan to be indebted from his debt.

(8) In contrast to them are Vibheeshan and Yuyutsu who switched the sides towards Dharm. Both defected just before the war began.
Its difficult to say who follows the higher morality.

(9) Krishn killed Soorya's son Karn and saved Indra's son in MBH; while Raam killed Indra's son Baali and saved Soorya's son Sugreev in Raamaayan. But in both the epics one Devtaa's son was killed and the other Devtaa's son was saved.

(10) Both enemies, Duryodhan and Raavan, were the worshippers of Shiv.



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