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7-Astonishing Births

Everybody takes birth in the world, and almost all births take place normally, but in Mahaabhaarat times many births are not normal. There are many births which are so abnormal or extraordinary or astonishing that sometimes it is impossible to believe, as how they might have happened. Here are listed some of them...

(1) Satyavatee
There was a king named Uparichar Vasu. Once his wife asked him to give her a child, but at the same time his Pitri asked him the meat and he immediately went to the forest to bring the meat for them. From there he sent his seed through a hawk. when he was carrying it, other hawks tough it was a piece of meat so they hit their beak and that seed fell in the river flowing below. A fish swallowed it immediately and when a fisherman caught it, it gave birth to a boy and a girl. The fisherman gave those children to the King Vasu. Vasu kept the boy and gave that girl back to the fisherman. Thus fisherman brought her up as his own child. She had Ved Vyaas Jee as her first-born son when she was a maiden, later when she was married to King Shaantanu, she had two sons - Chitraangad and Vichitraveerya, although both died childless. Later Ved Vyaas Jee produced children from his widows and extended Kuru Vansh. Thus Satyavatee was born from a fish.

(2) Drone
Once Bharadwaaj Rishi was meditating that he saw the Apsaraa Ghritaachee coming out of the river naked after taking bath. His seed fell seeing her like that, so he put it in a pot, and from that pot was born Drone. Thus being born from a pot (in Sanskrit  a pot is called Drone) that is why he was named as Drone).

(3) Dhrishtdyumn and Draupadee
Drone and Drupad were classmates in one Gurukul. Drupad always told Drone that whatever was his its half was Drone's. After the education both came to their house. Drupad became the King and Drone started searching for job, but he could not get it. he was married to Kripee and got a son too named Ashwatthaamaa. Once Ashwatthaamaa insisted on drinking milk but there was no milk in the house, so Kripee gave him flour solution to drink. He started crying that it was not milk. Drone saw this and went out of the house saying that he was going to bring a cow for his son. He went to Drupad and asked a cow from his own share of his kingdom. Drupad said - "We are not friends as friendship is between only the equal people. You are a Braahman, if you want I can give you a cow in donation, but there is no share of yours in this kingdom." Drone said - "I am asking this cow from my share of kingdom, not as a donation." But Drupad did not agree.

Hearing this Drone came back. He was appointed Guru for Kaurav and Paandav and when the time came of giving Guru Dakshinaa, he asked his students to bring Drupad tied with a rope. Paandav brought him like this. Drone divided his own kingdom in two, gave one part to Drupad and took one cow from his kingdom and came to his house. Drupad felt insulted and did a Yagya to get a son who could kill Drone. He gor one Son Dhrishthdyumn and a daughter Draupadee born from that Havan Kund. later Dhrishtdyumn killed Drone on the 15th day of the MBH war.

(4) Shikhandee
When the time came to marry Shaantanu's son Vichitraveerya, Bheeshm brought Kaashee's three princesses, Ambaa, Ambikaa and Ambaalikaa for him. Shaalv fought with Bheeshm but could not win Bheeshm, so he came back after being defeated. After they reached Hastinaapur, Ambikaa and Ambaalikaa accepted Vichitraveerya as their husband, but Ambaa loved Shaalv so she did not accept him as her husband. Hearing this Bheeshm sent her back. But unfortunately Shaalv also did not accept her. He told that he was a Kshatriya and he did not accept anything lost in battle. Ambaa again came to Hastinaapur and asked Bheeshm to marry her. Bheeshm could not break his vow, so Ambaa took a vow that "I will not leave you alone like this. I will be the cause of your death whether I will have to take many births."

Then she pleased Shiv Jee and got the boon to be the cause of Bheeshm's death. In her next birth she was born in Drupad's house as Shikhandee and remembered her previous life. Drupad also wanted a son, and he got a boon also of a son, so when he got this daughter, he trusted the boon and brought her up as a son. He married her to a girl, but the secret was no longer a secret, so Shikhandee thought to commit suicide. When she was going, a Yaksh was was going from the skyway. He got kind on her and gave his masculinity to her some time. She came back as a man started waiting for the opportunity to kill Bheeshm. As she got the boon she became the cause of Bheeshn,'s death. Later he was killed by Ashwatthaamaa on the 18th day, after the war was over.

(5) Kripaa and Kripee
Sharadwaan was Gautam's son and he was born with arrows in his hand. Thus he was born archer. He acquired all his weapons by his own Tap. When he was doing Tapasyaa, Indra got very afraid of him, so he sent an Apsaraa Janapadee to disturb it. Seeing her Sharadwaan's bow and arrow slipped from his hand and because of this sudden shock of emotions His seed fell on a heap of river reeds. Leaving his bow and arrow and deer skin behind, he flew away from that Apsaraa. There the seed was divided in two parts and two children, one boy and one girl, were born from that seed. Raajaa Shaantanu found them and named them as Kripaa and Kripee. Kripaa became the Kul Guru Kripaachaarya of Kaurav family and Kripee was married to Ddrone.

(6) All Paandav, Including Karn
When Paandu was living in forest after his victory tour, he killed a deer who was, not in fact a dear, but was a Muni. He was with his a she-deer, so he cursed Paandu that when he will be with his wife, he will die. Thus he could not produce any child from his wives. Kuntee helped him to get 5 sons from several Devtaa - Yudhishthir from Dharm Raaj, Bheem from Pavan Dev, and Arjun from Indra b yh the power of a mantra she received as a boon from Durvaasaa Muni. She got it when she was in her father's house. She pleased him with her services and he gave this Mantra to her. She gave that Mantra to Maadree too, she got a twins from Ashwinee Kumaar - Nakul and sahadev. Later once when Paandu was with Maaadree he died.

(7) All Kaurav Brothers, Including Their Sister
Kaurav's mother Gaandhaaree had a boon from Shiv Jee and even from Vyaas Jee that she would have 100 sons. When she got pregnant, she bore it for two years. Then she heard that Kuntee gave birth to Yudhishthhir. Hearing this she got impatient and she hit her stomach with a stone and gave birth to a stone-like Pind. Seeing the Pind she got more disappointed and was going to throw it away that Vyaas Jee came and poured cool water on it and it started breaking up. It got divided in 100 parts which Vyaas Jee kept in 100 pitchers full of Ghee. he asked Gaandhaaree to open them after 2 years. They started coming out after 2 years and all came out within one month. Thus all Kaurav brothers were born from a Pind.

(8) Jaraasandh
Jaraasandh was the son of Brihadrath. Brihadrath had no child so he went to a Rishi and asked him for a child. Rishi plucked a mango from the tree and gave it to him to give it to his wife. Brihadrath came back to his palace. He had two wives to whom he loved equally, so after giving a thought, he cut that fruit in half and gave it to his both wives. When the time came his both wives gave birth to half body of a son each. Both wives got frightened seeing this and they threw both pieces out of their window. A Jaraa named Raakshasee was out in search of food for her. She saw these two pieces lying, so she picked them up and in a playing mood joined both pieces. This gave life to the boy. Seeing this, as she found him near the palace, she gave the boy to the King. Since the boy was given life by "joining by Jaraa", he was named as Jaraasandh. He had 10,000 elephants strength and was killed by Bheem in a duel, just before Yudhishthir's Raajsooya Yagya, after fighting for 28 days.

(9) Shishupaal
Shishupaal was Krishn's paternal aunt's son. When he was born he had three eyes and four arms. His mother got afraid seeing him and wanted to throw him away that the Divine voice said - "Don't throw him away. he will be very brave warrior." On asking how he will die?" The Divine voice said - "In whoever's lap his third and two extra arms fall, the same will kill him." Now his mother started giving the baby in everybody's lap whosoever came to her house, but to no avail. After some time Devakee and Krishn and Balaraam also visited her. Both Devakee and Balaraam took the baby in their laps and after blessing him gave him back to his mother, but when his mother asked Krishn to take him in His lap, Krishn ignored it, but the mother insisted, so He had to take him in His lap. As Krishn took him in His lap, his third eye and two arms fell on the ground. His mother requested Krishn not to take His brother's life. Krishn said - "If this is written in his fate, what can I do? I can do only this much that I will forgive his 100 such mistakes for which I should punish him with death sentence." He did the same. When Yudhishthir was doing his Raajsooya Yagya, Shishupaal started abusing Krishn. Krishn forgive his 100 abuses and as he abused Him 101st time He cut his neck with His Chakra.



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