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33-Divine Births

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33-Divine Births and Their Progenies

Mahaabhaarat has many Divine births. It has been noticed that all these divine births were not guided by ordinary human rules.

Bheeshm - Gangaa's son
Vidur - Dharm Raaj's incarnation

Karn - Soorya's son

Yudhishthir - Dharm Raaj's son
Bheem - Pavan Dev's son
Arjun - Indra Dev's son
Nakul and Sahadev - Ashwinee Kumaar's twins

Dhrishtdyumn and Draupadee - Divine birth from Agni Kund

Dhrishtdyumn and Draupdee are twins born from Yagya Kund and thus were the creation of Agni. They were not born out of human union.
Thus they were not bound by rules of ordinary humans. There is a saying that Agni can not burn Dharm. Draupdee was the wife of Paandav's and as they were following righteous path, no harm was to come to them. But as soon as one A-Dharmee Kaurav (Dushaasan) had touched her, they were destroyed.

Dronaacharya was a Guru as well as a Braahaman. He was destined to be killed by Agni Putra Dhrishtdyumn on the dictate of Krishn because he had adopted the path of A-Dharm. If you study that episode, Indra , Naarad and then finally Brahmaa аashed him to denounce the path of A-Dharm, when he did not listen to them, Krishn had no option but to arrange his killing in the manner he deserved.

Drone however could have been defeated by Arjun as Arjun had all the divine weapons whereas Drone did not have all those weapons. Only Arjun and Bheeshm had the mighty Paashupat Astra from Shiv. However, since one is not permitted to kill one's Guru and Drone was Arjun's Guru Arjun could not have killed Drone. The ruse of the dead elephant worked as Drone forgot for a moment that his son could not be killed because he was a Chiranjeevee
But Drone was the Guru of Dhrishtdyumn also, then how could he kill him? It means that it was not the matter of Guru and Shishya...

Krishn cannot do or teach the path of A-Dharm. A Braahman was killed by Agni and not by humans. Both of these twins of Agni did not leave any of their progeny as they were not humans.

In this way Bheeshm also did not leave any progeny. His circumstances were created like this.

Karn's all children were killed in the MBH war.

Even Arjun's son Abhimanyu was also killed in the MBH war.

Since the Kuru Vansh had to continue - Pareekshit, Abhimanyu's son, was revived by Krishn Himself.



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