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Vyaas Jee Advices Paandav to Prepare for War

Once Krishn came to see Paandav in forest. Seeing them very sad, He said to them - "Do not be so sad. This grief is not only yours or Paandav's and only you are not responsible for that. Draupadee, This insult is of not only yours, it is of the whole women community, it is of whole Hastinaapur. Yudhishthir is already repenting for it which he shouldn't have done, because whatever he had put on stake in the game, it all was not his."

Arjun said - "How can I forget all this? My elder brother does not permit me, otherwise I can attack Hastinaapur now. But he is ready to do Praayashchit." Krishn said - "That is what he should do and that is what he is doing." Arjun again said - "I have vowed to kill Karn, and Bheem has taken vow to break the thigh of Duryodhan and to bring blood of Dushaasan's heart. Do you think that we will remain without completing our vows?" Krishn said - "Don't be so anxious for war. Get prepared for future. Get weapons for future war. Please Mahaadev and gather Divine weapons."

Draupadee asked - "What I should do?" Krishn said - "Yagyasenee, You yourself are born from Agni (Fire), you don't need any kind of Agni. You will always be respectable for humankind." Draupadee again said - "Duryodhan called me maidservant, Dushaasan took me to royal court by pulling my hair, and there Karn called me prostitute. They insulted me so much, and these brave Paanadav didn't say a word, didn't do a thing and didn't get up for my help."

Krishn consoled her - "Don't worry, whoever has insulted you, their wives will weep on their dead bodies. You did a right thing that you sent your sons to Kaampilya Nagaree (her father's house). I will take Subhadraa to Dwaarakaa and you people get ready for war. Although I do not want the war, but it has to happen."

In the meantime Yudhishthir came and said - "If you do not want this war then why it should happen?" Krishn said - "Because everything doesn't happen according to my wish. Did I wish for Draupadee's Vastra Haran (pulling her cloth)? This is the difficulty that all events do not happen with my wish. The war has taken birth in Bheem's vow, in Draupadee's loose hair and in Dhritraashtra's ambitions, so get ready for war."

Then Krishn said to Arjun - "All Divine weapons are with Indra. He will not give these Divine weapons to any body else except you. So you take those divine weapons and missiles from Indra. You may or may not use them in war, but you must have them. You cannot win this war without these weapons. This war will be very unique. Even today nobody can face Drone's and Bheeshma's weapons. So get ready for war, because Duryodhan is also not inactive, he is also busy in preparing for war." And Krishn went away after giving this advice to Arjun.


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