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Maarkandeya Muni Comes

[3-181] Vaishampaayan Jee said - "When Paandav were living at that place, rainy season set in and all became happy as hot season was gone. After the rainy season came the Fall. Sky became clear, nights were clear from dust, stars shone brightly, forest near River Saraswatee was overgrown with canes. Kaarttik Poarnimaa night was also gone. In [Maargsheersh] Dark fortnight they entered the Kaamyak Van with Dhananjaya, charioteers and cooks.

[3-182] Vaishampaayan Jee said - "O Kuru King, There they were welcomed by the Braahman who were living there and many other Braahman also came to visit them. One o them said - "The beloved friend of Arjun will come here to see you as Hari has known that you have arrived here. Hari always wants to see you and seeks your welfare. And Maarkandeya Rishi who is many years old, has devoted to lots austerities will also come here to see you." As he finished the sentence they all saw Krishn coming in His chariot drawn by Shaivya and Sugreev. Satyabhaamaa was also with Him. He was looking as Indra with Shachee, the daughter of Pulomaa. Krishn alighted from His chariot and prostrated with cheerful heart before the King and Bheem. He paid His respects to Dhaumya and the Twins paid respects to Him. He embraced Arjun and consoled Draupadee. Since He saw Arjun after long time, He embraced him again and again. Satyabhaamaa embraced Draupadee. Krishn asked Arjun about his stay in Swarg and Arjun told Him all. After that he asked Him about Subhadraa and Abhimanyu.

Later Krishn said to Yudhishthir - "You have won all the Lok  by following good practices, truth and duties. You are not after sensual pleasures, you are away from the motives of enjoyment, you don't follow virtue because of the greed of riches, that is why you are a virtuous king. In spite of having everything you feel happy in charities, truth and austerities, faith and patience. When Krishnaa was angry in the Dice Hall, only you could tolerate that conduct. You will surely rule over people soon. But before that we have to prepare ourselves to punish Kaurav. How blessed you are that Arjun has come prepared with arms, and O Draupadee, you are also fortunate to unite with Arjun safe and secured. Even your children, O Daughter of Yagyasen, are studying the science of arms very well. They are well behaved and are like their friends. Your father and brothers want them to take kingdom but they don't find any pleasure in Drupad's house. In Aanart kingdom people are getting ready with their arms. When your sons came to Vrishni, they immediately liked them. And as you had directed the, or Maa Kuntee directed them to behave, Subhadraa also does the same way, or maybe in a more careful way. As Rukminee's son is the Guru of Aniruddh, Abhimanyu, Suneeth and Bhaanu, so he is the Guru of your sons also. he is teaching them all kinds of arms continuously. When he teaches them, he is very happy with them. O Daughter of Drupad, When when your son goes out for sports, each of them is followed by chariots, horses and elephants."

Krishn said to Yudhishtir - "The Kshatriya of Dashaarh tribe, Kukur, Andhak and Madhu will be at your command. Drive Duryodhan to the path taken by Prithvi's son Saubh [Saubh means Narakaasur, it means by this time Narakaasur had been killed]. But wait till the time comes, and till them do not grieve, and get free from all sins, then you will go to Hastinaapur." Thus Yudhishthir knew all what Krishn had in His mind and welcomed His views. He said to Keshav - "Hey Keshav, You are the only refuge for us. When the Time comes, I am sure you will do whatever you have said. As we have promised we have spent all the 12 years in lonely forests. When we will finish our incognito year (Agyaatvaas year) we will again seek your guidance. The sons of Paandu will not move from the path of truth and charity, because they seek refuge in you."

Maarkandeya Muni Comes In

Vaishampaayan Jee said - "While Krishn and Yudhishthir were talking like this, Maarkandeya Rishi came there. He was many thousand years old. He did not have any old age sign [because of Shiv's boon], he was handsome and was deathless. He looked like a 25-year old. When he came in, all Braahman, Paandav and Krishn paid him respects. When he sat down comfortably, Krishn said to him - "The sons of Paandu, Draudapee, Satyabhaamaa and myself, all want to dear your most excellent words, O Maaarkandeya. Tell us some story of old times in which there are righteous rules of conduct by which kings are guided to rule and women and saints."

Vaishampaayan Jee said - "When all had taken their seats, Naarad Jee also came there to see Paandav, so they also worshipped in a prescribed manner and washed his feet. Naarad Jee came to know that all were ready to hear Maarkandeya, he also approved it and said to Maarkandeya Jee - "Tell whatever you wanted to say to Paandav?" Maarkandeya Jee said - "Wait a moment, there is lot to be said."

Vaishampaayan Jee said - "All started to look at the Rishi. Yudhishthir saw him ready to speak, so he asked a question - "You know all the deeds of Devtaa and Asur, saints and kings, we all wanted to meet you for a long time. Krishn, the son of Devakee, is also here to see us. When I see myself sorrowful, and Dhritraashtra's sons of evil life enjoying themselves, an idea comes to my mind that "when a man enjoys or suffers for his own acts then where the God comes in? What does He do? And who are proficient in the knowledge of God, how is it that men's actions follow them? Is it in this world or in some subsequent existence? O Rishi, In what way this being, with his good and bad Karm, seeks him out? Is it in this world or after the death? Do we experience the result of our actions of this very life? Or will the actions of this life bear the fruits in the other world? And where do the actions of the dead beings find their resting place?"

Maarkandeya Jee said - "You have asked a good question like yourself. You yourself know everything, but you are asking this question just for others. Listen to as to how in this world and in the world to come, a man experiences happiness and misery. First of all, the Lord of all beings sprung Himself, and then created all beings which were stainless, pure and obedient. The ancient people had all their desires fulfilled. They passed praiseworthy lives, spoke truth, and were godly and pure in nature. All were equal to gods, could ascend to sky anytime they liked and come back. All went about at their pleasure. They had their life and death under their own control. No suffering, no fear, free from all troubles, they could visit the gods anytime. Saints knew all the rules of righteousness by heart, they were self controlled and free from envy. They lived for many thousand years and had many thousand children. Then in course of time they were restricted to walking solely on the surface of the Earth, because they were overpowered by lust and wrath. They became tricky and depended on falsehood, greedy and senseless. So when such people died, they went to Hell. They were grilled again and again and were thus brought to this wonderful world. Their desires remained unfulfilled and their knowledge became unavailing, their senses were paralyzed and they became the cause of people's suffering. They became short-lived and sinful and reaped the fruits of their deeds. O Son of Kuntee, Destiny of all creatures after death is determined by their actions in this world.

You have asked me "where this treasure of acts of the sage and ignorant remain; and where they enjoy the fruit of their good and evil deeds?" So listen to the regulations on this subject. Man with his subtle original body, created by God, lays up a great store of virtue and vice. After his death he leaves his outer body and is immediately born again in another order of being. He never remains non-existent for a single moment. In his new life his previous actions follow him invariably as a shadow and fructify his life as happy or miserable. So a wise man knows that all creatures are bound to the immutable destiny by the destroyer; and incapable of resisting the fruits of his actions in good or evil fortune. It happens with all those creatures who are spiritually ignorant.

Now you hear of the perfect way attained by the men of highly spiritual perception. Such people are of high ascetic virtue, they perform all religious obligations, they are devoted to truth, they are respectful to their Guru and elders, they are forgiving and energetic, pious and virtuous. Since they have won their passion so their mind is calm; since they do Yog they are always healthy, free from sorrow and fear. In all conditions they can relate their soul with Supreme God. O Yudhishthir, If people are too attached in sensual pleasures here, they enjoy happiness only in this world, not in the next; but who are engaged in spiritual meditations, live a pious life, they enjoy happiness in the other world, not in this world. Those who do not acquire knowledge, do not donate, always are busy in pleasures, they don't get happiness neither in this world, nor in the other world. You have come in this world to do gods' job, you have come from the other world and have taken birth in this world, so because of your own Karm you will get Supreme regions, so do not worry about this affliction, because this affliction is good for you."


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