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Paandav's Teerth Yaatraa-6

Story of Somak
[Dushyant's son was Bharat> Bharat did not find his son worthy to rule. So he did a Yagya Marutstom, and marud Gan gave him a son named Bharadwaaj. His son was Manyu -Brihatkshatra - Hastee - Ajameedh, Dwimeedh and  Purumeedh. Ajameedh - Neel - Shaanti - Sushaanri - Puruj - Bharmyaashwa - Mudgal, Yaveenar, Brihadishu, Kaampilya and Sanjaya (these five sons were called Paanchaal). Mudgal had a twins - Divodaas and Ahalyaa. Divodaas' son was Mitreyu and Mitreyu's son was Somak. Somak - Prishat - Drupad - Draupadee. - from Bhaagvat Puraan, 9/13]

[3-127] Yudhishthir said - "How much mighty was the King Somak? I desire to listen about him." Lomash Jee said - "There was a virtuous king named Somak. he had 100 wives. he used to take care of all of them very much but could not get one son from any of them. After a long time, when he became old, somehow a son was born to him. he named him Jantu. All the mothers used to love him very much. One day it happened so that an ant stung him on his hip and the boy cried loudly because of pain. Mothers were very distressed seeing the boy stung by the ant. They tried to pacify him so a lots of noise got rose. But the boy was screaming at the top of his voice. Somak's servants told him about his son. he immediately came inside and pacified his son and after that he came out and sat with his ministers and priests and said to them - "Oh, Fie on having a single son. It would be better if I had been without son. If we think about the various diseases for this body then only one son is a trouble. I thought to have many sons I married 100 queens but I have only one son from them. I am getting old and so are my wives. And this son is just like our breath. Is there any other way, great or small, easy or difficult, that I can have 100 sons." His family priest said - O King, There is, if you want to listen to it, I can tell you." Somak said - "Whether it is good or evil ceremony, just do it, as I want to have 100 sons." The priest said - "OK, Then let me start that sacrifice and let you sacrifice your son Jantu in it. Then very soon you will have 100 handsome sons. When jantu will be sacrificed, the mothers will smell his fat and give birth to a number of sons. And Jantu will also be born once again from the same mother and there will appear a mark of gold."

[3-128] Somak said - "Do whatever you want to do, but I want to have 100 sons. I will do as you will say to me." So the priest started the sacrifice and Jantu was offered as the sacrifice, but the mothers took him away by his right hand, but the priest also pulled him by his right hand, but in the end priest won and he killed Jantu and made a burnt offering of his fat and the agonizing mothers smelt the smell and suddenly fell swooned on the ground. All those women became pregnant and after 10 months they all delivered sons - 100 sons. Jantu became the eldest son and was loved by all women, more than their own sons. And there was a mark of gold on his back and that is why he was superior among all.

After some time that priest passed away and so also King Somak. Once Somak saw that priest being grilled in Hell, so he asked him - "Why are you being grilled in the Hell?" The priest said - "This is because I officiated you in your sacrifice." The saintly king said to the Devtaa of departed souls - "Please set my priest free, because he is being grilled only because of me." Dharm Raaj said - "One cannot enjoy or suffer for other person's actions. These are the fruits of your actions, see here." Somak said - "I do not wish to go to any blessed region without my priest. I will stay with him only, because my actions are similar to his." Dharm Raaj said - "If you wish so, then suffer with him for the same period, and after that you may go to blessed regions."

Lomash Muni said - "The King did as he was told and when his sins had worked off, he was set free with the priest. He liked his priest very much so he shared everything with that priest. This is his Aashram. Anybody would attain the blessed regions who spends here 6 nights, so be ready for it."

[3-129] Lomash Muni said - "Here Brahmaa Jee himself did a sacrifice called "Ishtikrit" which continued for 1,000 years. Ambareesh, the son of Naabhaag, did a sacrifice here, and donated 10 Padm gold coins to the priests and thus obtained the high regions. Even Yayaati, the son of Nahush, also did sacrifice here. He even competed with Indra. This is Shamee tree which has only one leaf, and this is a lake. see these lakes built by Parashuraam and this Aashram of Naaraayan. This is the path from Parashuraam Jee went doing Tap on Raupya River. Now hear what a Piashaach woman who was wearing pestles as her jewelry said to a Braahman woman, that "having eaten yogurt in Yugandharaa, and lioved in Achyut Sthal, and bathed in Bhootilaya, you should live with your sons." If you will pass a night here, and then will pass the other night here the event in the night will be different than the daytime, so O Yudhidhthir, we will stay here for this night. Here Yayaati made many sacrifices and pleased Indra. This is a good place at Yamunaa River named as Plakashaavataran (descent of Banyan tree). Here Raajaa Bharat performed sacrificial rites. Here he freed his horse for his Ashwamedh Yagya. Marutt also performed sacrificial rites assisted by Samvart. You also take bath at this place."

Vaishampaayan Jee said - "Yudhishthir bathed there with his brothers and said to Lomash Muni - "Because of this pious action, I can see all the worlds and I can see Arjun also." Lomash Muni said - "Saints see all the worlds like that. See this saraswatee River here. This is the altar 5 Yojan long and wide where Brahmaa Jee did sacrifice."

[3-130] Lomash Muni said - "if people die here, they go to Heaven. Thousand of thousand people come here to die. Daksh has blessed this - "Those people die here will get a place in Heaven." And this is Saraswatee and this is VInaashan place where Saraswatee River disappeared. Here starts the kingdom of Nishaad. Because Saraswatee hated with them that is why she disappeared here so that they cannot see her. Then she reappeared at Chamashodbhed and joins other rivers going to seaward. here is a place called Sindhu where Lopaamudraa accepted Rishhi Agastya as her husband. And here is the Teerth Prabhaas which is favorite of Indra. Further there is Vishnupad and the River Vipaashaa (River Vyaas of Panjaab). When Vashishth Jee's sons died, he threw himself after tying his body in this river, but when he rose upon the water he was free.

Story of Raajaa Usheenar

This is the holy region of Kashmeer. Here a conference took place between Agni Dev and Sage Kashyap; and between King Yayaati and the sages of North. And after this is the gate to Maansarovar. Parashuraam Jee has opened a space between in the middle of the mountain This is the famous Vati Khand which is the gate of Videh kingdom but North to it. There is one more wonderful thing related to this place, that at the end of every Yug Shiv and Paarvatee are seen here with their followers. Many people desiring to have Darshan of Shiv perform sacrifices in Yonder Lake. There is holy Teerth named Ujjanak where the sage Vashishth and his wife Arundhatee and the sage Yavakree got peace. Yonder Lake is called Kaushav and the lotus bloomed in it are called Kausheshaya. Here is Rukminee's Aashram where She conquered her evil passions. Here is Bhrigu Tung and then is Vitastaa River (Jhelam River of Panjaab). Then there are two holy rivers Jal and Upajal on the other side of Yamunaa. King Usheenar did a sacrifice here and surpassed the greatness of Indra. Then Indra and Agni Dev appeared at his sacrifice with the desire to bestow him boon - Indra in the form of a Hawk and Agni Dev in the form of a Pigeon. And the Pigeon in the fear of Hawk fell in the laps of the King."

[3-131] The Hawk said - "You are a very pious ruler. I am very hungry, please give me my food which Devtaa have given me." The King said - "This Pigeon has come to me in fear from you, escaping from you, desirous of life. When this Pigeon has come in my protection, it is my highest duty not to give it you. See, it is trembling with fear and asking life from me, how can I give it to you? He who kills a Braahman or a cow or who surrenders his refugee - all are sinful alike." At this the Hawk said - "All living beings live on food and only the food nourishes them. A man can live by leaving many other things but cannot live without food. So if I will not get food, I will die, and after death surely I will go to such regions where all this trouble will not be there but my wife and children will die, thus by protecting one life you are destroying many lives. And in this it is not a virtue to protect one life by destroying many lives. Who follows truth, he follows virtue. Do not follow that virtue which is conflicting. Balance them and whichever is heavier, choose it."

The King said - "O Bird, The way you are speaking, you seem to me Suparn (Garud). I have no doubt that you are fully conversant with the value of virtue and there is nothing hidden from you about virtue, then how can you advocate to leave this bird? Since you are trying for your food, you can satisfy yourself with another kind of food that may taste you better, maybe of ox, or deer, or buffalo." The Hawk said - "I am not interested in any other kind of food, just give me the Pigeon which Devtaa have given me today." the King said - "O Bird, I am ready to give you my whole kingdom or any other thing which you like, except this Pigeon who has sought refuge in me. You can take whatever you like, I will give you happily, but not this Pigeon. So tell me what can I give you in exchange of this Pigeon?"

The Hawk said - "O King, if you have developed so much affection for this Pigeon, then give me your own flesh cut equal to the weight of this Pigeon. When it is equal to its weight, give it to me and it will satisfy me." The King replied - "So kind of you. I will balance my flesh equal to Pigeon's weight and I will give it to you."

Lomash Muni said - "The King started cutting his flesh and weighing it in a balance equal to the weight of the Pigeon. But he found that Pigeon's weight was always exceeding his own cut flesh. When he has put his all flesh on the balance and still the Pigeon was heavier, he himself sat on the balance to make it equal to the Pigeon's weight." Then Both the Hawk and the Pigeon changed their forms to their original forms. The Hawk said - "I am Indra, and this Pigeon is Agni. We have come to your Yagya Bhoomi to test your merits. Since you have given us cutting your own body flesh, your glory will spread throughout the Three Worlds and as long as men will live on Earth, they will sing your glory. And so long your glory will remain, you will be living in holy regions." After saying this Indra and Agni went to their Lok and King Usheenar also went to Heaven. Here is that pious King's residence."


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