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Miscellaneous Stories About Krishn's Life

Besides the regular life events of Krishn, there are many other incidents Krishn's life. Some them are in the form of parables and folk stories, they are given here.

Danknaath Temple
If the cows are protected by Lord Krishn, then no force on this world should be able to harm the cows. Why then there is so much slaughtering of cows going on in this world?

The cows which Krishn personally tends and protects are not the mundane cows of this material world. They are the Surabhi cows of the spiritual realm of Vaikunth: "lakshavrteshu surabhir abhipalayantam". The supreme transcendental realm is called 'Go-Lok' because it is the abode of 'gau' (cow), transcendental cows, and 'Gop', transcendental cowherds. These transcendental cows are the greatest devotees of the Lord.

Krishn also provides protection to the mundane cows of this world, but in an indirect way. For their protection He establishes the principles of religion and the Vaidik culture. Krishn is the protector of Dharm, but in order to accommodate the free will of the living entities, sometimes He allows Dharm to become degraded, and as a result the cows (and the entire world) are mistreated. At such a time, the Lord will incarnate to reestablish the principles of religion. Of course the true protection the Lord gives his devotees goes much beyond this. He does not protect us from death, He actually protects us from life - life in this material existence. People with a very limited vision of existence think death is our enemy, and we must prolong this life as much as possible. But those with a spiritual vision understand that the soul is eternal, and he will continue his journey in his next body. As such, our need no longer becomes protection from death, as death! is nothing more than a passing phase of one body. We actually need to be protected from this life and attachment to its false bodily possessions.

The Lord's protection is absolute. He is protecting each and everyone of us. Some people He protects from death, others he protects from life. In both cases He is protecting them whether from life or whether from death, because he is seeing to the protection of their eternal soul, and not just their external body. The entire material creation is for the protection of the living entities. Krishn is drawing us back towards His spiritual abode. From the perspective of eternal time, one life span, or even a thousand life spans, are not very significant. The actual purpose of the Lord's incarnations is to reclaim the fallen conditioned souls through His transcendental association. This is the Lord's true protection, which He gives very freely to the cows of Vrindaa Van.

The cows of this world are the material reflections of the spiritual cows of Vaikunth. As such, the Lord blesses them by basing the entire Vaidik culture on their protection. The Vaidik culture is centered on sacrifice, and for sacrifice one requires ghee. Thus it is the cows which allow man to worship the Lord through sacrifice. The cows provide man with milk, ghee, and yogurt, all of which were essential in the worship of the Lord. Now due to the influence of the age of Kali, sacrifice to the Lord has stopped, and as a result the cows are neglected, despite the immense service they perform for society.

The Vaidik literatures state that protection must be given to the weak and helpless living entities by the stronger members of society. It is the duty of a householder to protect and provide not only for one's family, but even for the ants that live within one's house. What to speak of higher living entities like the cow, who are at the mercy of their owners. The scriptures state that the cow is our mother. We drink the milk from the cow, therefore we must accept her as our mother and protect her. As such how can a civilized society allow violence to come to such helpless living entities, who sustain us all with their milk.

All these rules and regulations in the scriptures are given by the Lord for the protection of the cows. When these rules are not followed, and when the world turns away from the injunctions of the scriptures by violating the rights of the helpless, at that time the Lord descends to reestablish the principles of religion, to punish the miscreants and to protect his devotees.

Then Kans sent Kaagaasur

Then Kans sent Utkach. He was Hiranyaaksh's son. He was bodyless. No information is available of Utkach's previous life. He was obeying only the word given to Lomash Muni. He was Hiranyaaksh's son in Chaakshush Manvantar. One day he felled many trees in Lomsh Muni's Aashram by his body. So Lomash Muni cursed him - "You are very proud of your body, so be bodyless." That is why he became bodyless. he asked the Muni's forgiveness, he said - "My curse cannot be a lie, but when Bhagvaan will incarnate in the 28th Dwaapar of Vaivaswat Manvantar, then you will be free from this curse by the touch of His feet.

When Krishn Weeps....
Regarding Krishn's 'human emotion', in fact, this is the only instance in Mahaabhaarat where Krishn cries ... this has to be of great significance given the relation of 'Tears' - Rudra and Mrityu ...

"At the end of war, Krishn cries holding Dhritrāashtra’s hand (the single instance in the entire MBH) where Krishn cries (9.62.36-37).
Vyaas hints performance though Krishn feels Dhritraashtra’s sorrow, when He says "Krishn weeps melodiously - "Saswar praruroda ha – and that his tears are momentary - muhoortam ivotsṛjya baaṣpaṃ śokasamudbhavam.

The word Swar implying voice modulation connects with Swarabhedo – an essential characteristic of Katthak - as one of the eight Saattwik Bhaav (BhN. 6.22, 7.94). Krishn’s Swarabhedo is most evident in His role as the best consoler of sorrow in MBH."

Krishn Plays Dice
Krishn indeed plays Dice Game with Saatyaki etc and keeps Durvaasaa Rishi waiting outside ... this event finally leads to Krishn's killing of Hans and Dimbhak. This episode may be read in Harivansh.

Playing Dice has to be human emotion ... or 'inhuman' (if Yudhishthir stakes his wife, and its outcome etc, or as in the case when Balaraam kills Rukmee) ... or 'superhuman' (like Shiv's dice with Paarvatee etc)
... In the mythical narrative of Paandav's birth, Shiv's dice plays significant role ...
... and in same narrative Krishn is created from Naaraayan's 'black hair' (Balaraam form 'white hair') ...
... dice causes rotation of Yug, which is also rotation of 'white' and 'black' (Krit Yug = white; Kali Yug = Black)



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