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Geetaa on Moksh

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Geetaa-Of Kali Yug

Extracts from The Geetaa Circa 2010 -
The 19th Adhyaaya Yog of E-Mail

Arjun - "Vaasudev, I cannot send junk mail to my honorable friends and elders.

Krishn - "Paarth, at this moment they are neither your friends nor your foes. They are mere mail-users. So follow your Net-Dharm. Log On and send off the junk mail. This is your Karm and this alone is your Dharm.

Arjun - "Gee Muraaree, After seeing all this I feel like resigning from the Software Industry.

Krishn - "Hey Kuntee Putra, It seems you are caught in a vicious circle of Maayaa. In this material world you are committed to no one. Junk mails have existed even before you came to this world and shall remain long after you are gone. Rise above this Maayaa and perform your duty. Keep sending the junk mail.

Arjun - "Oh Shit, Purushottam, How is junk mail related to the Maayaa?

Krishn - "Junk mail is just junk mail. It has no connection with Hardware. However, in its own way it overloads the system and fills up the hard disk. But you will not fathom it. Listen Kuntee Putra, like the Aatmaa that leaves ones physical body and moves onto another, likewise this junk mail moves from system to system.

Arjun - "How does one define junk mail?

Krishn - "Neither fire can burn it, nor air can dry it. Neither can it be conquered nor it can be defeated. Junk mails is immortal.

Arjun - "Oh boy, Naarayan, You have opened my eyes. I would have lost myself in the Maayaa and read all the junk mail. But now I will just hit the "forward" button and send it to all.

Krishn - "Victory or failure is not in your hands. So stop pondering about the results. What happens to junk mail is my concern, not yours.

Another Version

The Karm of Forwarding Emails - Bhagvad Geetaa : Adhyaaya 19

Arjun : "Hey Vaasudev, How can I do the most heinous and unpardonable act of forwarding an email that I receive, to my friends, relatives and revered elders?"

Krishn : Paarth, at this moment, none of them is your friend or foe, relative or in-law, young or old and good or evil. You have no escape from following your Net-Dharm. Make haste to log on and send off the email to one and all. That is the only Karm and Dharm expected of you which you must follow."

Arjun : "Hey Muraaree, Do not implore me to do something that pricks my conscience and stirs my soul.

Krishn : "O Kuntee-Putra, you are caught in the vicious circle of Maayaa. In this material world, you are committed to no one except to yourself, your Dharm and your mouse. Emails have existed for the last 25 years and will remain long after you are gone. Rise above the Maayaa and perform your bounden duty.

Arjun : "O Lord Krishn, pray and enlighten me on how email is related to Maayaa."

Krishn : "Vats, An email is the 6th element in the universe after Aap, Vaayu, Jal, Agni, Aakaash and the email. It is at the same time animate and inanimate, living and dead beat. It overloads the system and fills up the hard disk. But it serves one great purpose. It leads people to believe that they are filling their time in an intellectual pursuit by reading and re-forwarding а mail. It gives them a sense of achievement without investing their intellect and efforts. Like the Aatmaa that leaves one's physical body and moves on to another, the email moves from system to system and never gets deleted or dies.

Arjun : "Great Giridhaaree, kindly tell me what the true attributes of an email are?"

Krishn : "Neither fire can burn it, nor air can evaporate it. Neither can it be conquered nor can it be defeated. An email is omnipresent and immortal like your noble and eternal soul. Unlike an arrow shot from your bow, many a time the email forwarded by you, will even return to you safely after some months or even years, allowing you to re-re-forward it to the same people."

Arjun : "O Great Saarathee, my salutations to you. You have opened my eyes to the cult of email. I was lost in the Maayaa and have been reading all the email that I keep receiving and doing no other Karm. Now on, I will just press the "Forward" button without reading any of it and send it to all and sundry, friends and foes, relatives and in-laws, young and old. That will surely bring them to their knees in this epochal battle of Good against Evil, in the Kurukshetra."

Krishn : "Arjun, victory or defeat is not in your hands. Do not ponder over the fruits of your labor. Just keep forwarding the emails and make one and all go bananas reading it and you will have done your supreme duty. Tathaastu.


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