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Chapter 18-2



18-Moksh Sanyaas Yog-2

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40. "And Hey Arjun, There is no living being on earth or in Swarg, or in Devtaa, who is not without these three Gun. (because this whole Universe is the impurity of Tri-Gunee Maayaa only.)

41. Therefore Hey Parantap, Even Braahman, Kshatriya and Vaishya's Karm have been decided based upon their nature. 

42. Sham, Dam, Shauch, Tap (austerity), Kshamaa (forgiveness), Saralataa (purity), Aastiktaa (faith in the Almighty) and Vigyaan (knowledge) are Braahman's natural Karm. (see Braahman's Karm)

43. Bravery (courage), Tej (valor), Dhriti (patience), cleverness or skill, not running away from battlefield, Daan (donation), and taking care of everybody like a master are Kshatriya's natural Karm.

44. Farming, cattle rearing, trading are the natural Karm of Vaishya; and to serve all other Varn is the natural Karm of Shoodra.

45. Thus all people attain Brahm involved in their natural Karm, but how a person attains Brahm involved in his own natural Karm, now listen to it.

46. From whichever Paramaatmaa all Bhoot have appeared, and whoever is spread in the whole Universe, worshipping by that Parameshwar, the person attains Brahm.

47. That is why, to follow one's own without qualities Dharm is better than following other's better Dharm, because one does not bind to Paap while doing prescribed Dharm based on natural duties.

48. Hey Kuntee Putra, In spite of being faulty, one should not abandon his natural Karm, because all Karm are faulty in one way or the other, as fire is covered by smoke.

49. Whose Buddhi is detached from everything and who has controlled his mind, can attain Nish-Kaam Karm through Saankhya (Gyaan) Yog. 

50. Hey Kuntee-Putra, as a person who has attained Siddhi of purified heart, attains Brahm through Saankhya Yog; and whatever is the Paraa Nishthaa (see Paraa Bhakti), you should know it from me.

51. Who is of pure Buddhi, who prefers solitude and lives in a pure place,  eats less, has controlled mind, speech and body, follower of Vairaagya; he, always meditating with Saattwik Dhaaranaa, controlled mind and abandoning all subjects of Indriyaan (pleasures of all kinds); destroying his attachments...

52. Abandoning Ahankaar (pride), might, lust, anger, storing habits; and he who is without any attachments and with peaceful mind gets ready to become unified with Brahm. [see also Geetaa, 18/33]

53. And such person (who has unified with Brahm) neither laments for anything, nor desires anything. He, keeping alike mind [for everything] attains My Bhakti. [see also Geetaa, 6/19]

54. Who has united with Brahm, he neither becomes sad for anything, nor he desires for anything and treating everybody attain my Bhakti.

55. He knows Me very well through that Bhakti and then enters in Me.

56. Nish-Kaam Karm Yogee attains eternal Parampad after doing all Karm.

57. Therefore Hey Arjun, You offer all Karm to Me (see Getaa, 9/27) and offer yourself to Me. You continue to meditate on Me.

58. You meditate on me, you will cross [this world sea], birth, death and afflictions easily by my grace; and if you will not listen to my words because of pride, the will be destroyed [or lose your Paramaarth path].

59. If you take pride in yourself and say that "I will not fight", then your this idea is false, because your Kshatriya nature will surely bring you to fight.

60. And Hey Kaunteya, Whichever Karm you do not want to do because of delusion, you will do it also under the influence of (previous) natural Karm.

61. Because Hey Arjun, All Bhoot who live in these bodies, deluding them with His Maayaa (according to their Karm) Parameshwar exists in all Bhoot's hearts.

62. Hey Bhaarat, You take the shelter of the same Parameshwar , you will attain the eternal Dhaam by His grace only.

63. Thus I have told you the most secret knowledge. Now you think over it and decide what you want to do.

64. [When Krishn didn't receive any reply from Arjun, then He spoke again] - "You listen to this secret knowledge again, because you are very dear to me, I will again tell you this for your good.

65. You meditate on Me, you love Me only, if you will do like this you will attain Me, I vow for this, because you are my dear friend.

66. You abandon all Dharm and meditate on Me only, I will free you from all kinds of sins, you don't be sad.

67. One should never tell this Geetaa secret at any time to any person who is not Tapaswee, or who doesn't want to hear it, or who abuses Me.

68. Whoever tell this secret Geetaa to my Bhakt, he will surely attain Me.

69. Nobody else, who does this, is dearer to me, nobody else will be dearer to Me on Prithvi.

70. And whosoever will read our this religious dialog, he will worship Me through Gyaan Yagya. This is my view.

71. Whoever will even hear this with Shraddhaa and sincerely, he will also be free from sins and attain high Lok where good Karm doers live.

72. Krishn Jee asked - "Hey Dhananjaya, Did you hear this with concentrated mind; and did it destroy your delusion born from ignorance?"

73. Arjun said - "Hey Achyut, By your grace, now my delusion is over and I have remembered, that is why now I am stabilized with no doubts in my mind. I will obey you."

74. Sanjaya said to Dhritraashtra - "Thus I heard this secret and excited dialog between Vaasudev and Mahaatmaa Arjun.

75. I  heard Yogeshwar Krishn saying it directly by the grace of Vyaas Jee as he bestowed me with Divine sight.

76. Hey Raajan, I am very happy to remember Keshav and Arjun's secret and wonderful dialog again and again.

77. Hey Raajan, I am very happy to remember that wonderful form also again and again.

78. Wherever is Yogeshwar Shree Krishn and wherever is Arjun with his Gaandeev, there is prosperity, victory and -----  only, I think like this."

End of the Chapter 18 - Moksh-Sanyaas Yog
End of Geetaa

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