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Chapter 11-2

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11-2 - Vishwaroop Darshan Yog

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32. Krishn said - "I am the Mahaa Kaal that destroys all Lok, and now have appeared to destroy these Lok, therefore whoever warriors are in enemy's army they will not live even without you (means they will die even if you will not kill them).

33. Therefore, get up, earn fame, and enjoy the prosperous kingdom by winning enemies. All these brave warriors have already been killed by me. Hey Savyasaachee, You are only a means.

34. You kill Drone, Bheeshm, Jayadrath and Karn and many others already killed by me. Undoubtedly you will win the war, therefore you fight."

35. Sanjaya said - "Hearing Keshav Arjun wearing crown said trembling, fearing and folding his hands."

36. Arjun said - "Hey Hrisheekesh, This is right that the Universe is getting happy and is loving you with your name, qualities, and influence. Raakshas are running here and there in all directions. All Siddh are greeting you.

37. Hey Mahaatman, You are the Creator of even Brahmaa [who himself is the creator of this world] and the eldest, so why shouldn't they greet you; because Hey Anant, Hey Devesh, Hey Jagannivaas, Whoever is A-Kshar, beyond Sat and A-Sat, He is you only.

38. You are Aadi Dev and Sanaatan Purush. You are the dwelling place of this Universe, you are the knower, worth knowing, and Param Dhaam. Hey Anant Roop (who has innumerable forms), You are every where in this Universe.

39. You are the father of Vaayu, Yam Raaj, Agni, Varun, Chandramaa, Lord of Prajaapati Brahmaa and even Brahmaa himself. Greetings to you thousand times, again and again greetings to you.

40. Hey Omnipotent, Greetings to you from your front side, from your back side. Hey Soul of all, Greetings to you from all sides, because you are omnipresent, that is why you are in all.

41-42. Not knowing your influence and considering you my friend, I have addressed you as "Hey Krishn", "Hey Yaadav", "Hey friend" with love or in joke, whatever I have said without thinking; and Hey Achyut, you are insulted by me at the time of eating, sleeping, enjoying, in a lonely place or in front of friends, I ask for your forgiveness for all those mistakes.

43. You are the father of this whole Universe, the greatest Guru, and highly respectable. There is nobody even equal to you in all the three Lok, then how can anybody be greater than you?

44. Therefore Hey Prabho, I surrender myself in your feet and pray you to be pleased with me after greeting to you. Hey Dev, As father tolerates his son's faults, friend tolerates his friend's faults, and husband tolerates his wife's faults, in the same way you are able to tolerate my faults.

45. I am happy to see your this surprising Roop, which I have not seen before, at the same time I am afraid too; so please show me your Chaturbhuj Vishnu Roop only. Hey Devesh, Hey Jagannivaas, Be pleased with me.

46. I wish to see you with crown and carrying Gadaa and Chakra. Hey Vishwamoorti, Hey Sahastrabaaho, appear in your Chaturbhuj Roop only.

47. Krishn said - "Hey Arjun, By my grace and Yog Power I have shown my this bright huge Roop which is the beginning of all and extensive, to you only, nobody has ever seen this before you.

48. Hey Arjun, In Manushya Lok (earth), my this Vishwa Roop (huge extensive form) can neither be seen by the study of Ved and Yagya, nor by severe Tap, nor by any other except by you.

49. You shouldn't be afraid to see my this terrible Roop, nor you should feel foolish. You see now again the same my fearless and affectionate Chaturbhuj Roop."

50. Sanjaya said - "After saying thus, Vaasudev showed Arjun then the same Chaturbhuj Roop and he consoled fearful Arjun by showing His beautiful Roop."

51. Arjun said - "Hey Janaardan, After seeing this your peaceful Roop, now I have become stable and come back to my natural state."

52. Shree Krishn said - "Whatever Chaturbhuj Roop you have seen, it is very rare to see. Even Devtaa always desire to see this Roop.

53. The way you have seen me, the same Chaturbhuj Roop can neither be seen through Ved, nor through Tap, nor through Daan (donations), nor through Yagya.

54. But Hey Parantap, my this Chaturbhuj Roop is possible to see, to know me by Tattwa (elements), and to enter through total Bhakti.

55. Hey Arjun, Who does all Karm for me only, thinks about me only, is my Bhakt, is detached, and is not jealous with any being, the same total Bhakt comes to Me."

End of Chapter 11 - Vishwaroop Darshan Yog

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