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Arun Govil as Raam in Ramayan
Such a handsome peaceful personality. He impressed the public as Raam in Ramanad Sagar's Raamaayan TV Serial that after playing the role of Raam there many people started regarding him as real Raam. Although he acted in a few films also, but he shined from Raamaayan. His main attractions are --
Ramayan (as Raam), 
Vishwaamitra (as Raajaa Harishchandra),

Mukesh Khanna as Bheeshm in MBH
Mukesh Khanna is a very good TV actor, although he has done a few films too. His main attractions are -
--Bheeshm in Mahaabhaarat,
--Vishwaamitra in Vishwaamitra,

Nitish Bharadwaj as Krishn in MBH
Nitish was also very impressive as Krishn in Mahaabhaarat TV Serial. He was missed in its second part of this series. The man who played Shaantanu in the first MBH Serial, played as Krishn in the second one. His main attractions are --
-- Vishnu Puran (as Vishnu and Parashuraam)

Renuka Israni as Gaandhaaree in MBH
Who can forget Gaandhaaree of Mahaabhaarat, who acted so well in it with blindfold.
--She has played a very small role in Chanakya TV Serial also. One can recognize her with her sweet voice, no need to see her face.

Surendra Pal as Drone in MBH
Drone of Mahaabhaarat TV Serial. Superb acting. He has done a few films also but he is known for
--In Chanakya TV Serial also as Amaatya Raakshas of Dhanaanand.
--Tamraj Kilvish in "Shaktiman" (with Bheeshm)
--Shukraaachaarya in Vishnu Puran
--Vikraant Jabbaar in Zee TV Horror Show Episode Saya
--Daksh in Devon ke Dev Mahadev

Virendra Razdan as Vidur in MBH
Who can forget the lean and thin bodied but best speech Vidur Jee of Mahaabhaarat TV Serial. His main attractions are --
--Mahaabhaarat (as Vidur), 
--Vishwaamitra (as Kanv Rishi)



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