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Shankhchood, Tulasee and Vishnu

Shankhchood was born to the demon king Dambh. Shankhchood was in fact, Sudaamaa (Kuchela) in his previous life. He was born in the family of demons due to the curse of Raadhaa.

When Shankhchood grew up, he went to Pushkar (Ajamer, Rajasthan) and did a tremendous penance to please Brahmaa. Brahmaa blessed him and said that he would remain invincible. He also instructed Shankhchood to go to Badarik Aashram where he would find his would be wife Tulasee - the daughter of Dharmdhwaj. Shankhchood went to Badarik Aasharam and married Tulasee as per the instructions of Brahmaa. He then returned to his capital accompanied by his wife.

When Shankhchood reached his capital after marrying Tulase, he was crowned as the King of the demons by Shukraachaarya - Guru of demons. After his coronation, Shankhchood attacked Indra Puree supported by his huge army and defeated Devtaa. In a very short time all the three worlds were under his control. After being defeated by Shankhchood, Devtaa went to Brahmaa and sought his help in eliminating Shankhchood. Brahmaa said - "I cannot to do this, only Vishnu can find the way, so he then took them to Vishnu. Vishnu said - "We will have to take help of Shiv." so all of them went to Shiv and expressed their request to liberate them from the troubles created by Shankhchood. Shiv assured Devtaa that he will kill Shankhchood and their worries will be over. Devtaa then returned to their abodes with a sigh of relief.

Shiv to Kill Shankhchood
Shiv sent his messenger Pushpdant to Shankhchood to return the kingdom of Devtaa to them. Shankhchood refused clearly and expressed his willingness and readiness to fight with Shiv. Pushpdant returned and told the reply to Shiv. Shiv was fully convinced about the inevitability of the battle, so he first sent all his Gan under the leadership of Kaarttikeya and Ganesh. Later on Bhadrakaalee proceeded towards the battlefield with a huge army as per the own wish of Shiv himself. At last Shiv himself, accompanied by the Devtaa

had to go to fight with Shankhchood. All the troops gathered on the banks of River Chandrabhaagaa and rested under the shade of a banyan tree. Seeing all this Shankhchood handed over his kingdom to his son and went to his wife to take her permission before going to the battlefield. His wife was reluctant to allow him to go, but he somehow managed to convince her. He then proceeded towards the banks of Chandrabhaga with a huge army.

A fierce battle started between the Devtaa and the demons. But when the army of Shankhchood began to dominate the fight, the Devtaa fled away and took the refuge of Shiv.

After the defeat of the Devtaa and the Gan, Kaarttikeya and Ganesh went to fight joined along with Bhadrakaalee. Bhadrakaalee would have devoured Shankhchood but she spared his life because of the boon, given to him by Brahmaa. Now it was the turn of Shivaa to join the battle, but even he could not cause any harm to him because of Brahmaa's boon.

Strategy to Kill Shankhchood
While a tremendous battle was being fought between Shiv and Shankhchood, Vishnu appeared and demanded the armor from Shankhchood, which he had put on, his body in the guise of a Braahman. Shankhchood gave his armor to him without any kind of suspicion. After taking his armor, Vishnu then went to Shankhchood's wife in the guise of her husband (Shankhchood). He destroyed the chastity of Tulasee - Shankhchood's wife. Shankhchood derived his power from the chastity of his wife and it vanished the moment, her chastity was destroyed.

Shankhchood became very furious and attacked Shiv. Shiv repulsed his assault and attacked him with his Trishool. Shankhchood had become powerless and was killed instantaneously. The Devtaa were very pleased at the death of Shankhchood. After worshipping Shiv they went back to their respective abodes.

Tulasee Curses Vishnu
Vishnu had gone to Tulasee in the guise of her husband Shankhchood, so that by destroying her chastity could help Shiv to kill Shankhchood, whose power was Tulasee's chastity and virtuosity. So when Vishnu came to Tulasee, she could not recognize Vishnu. She was extremely joyous at his arrival. But very soon she was able to realize the real identity of Him, that Shankhchood was not the real Shankhchood. She became very angry at the person and cursed him to become a stone.

Vishnu contemplated on Shiv as a result of which he appeared. Shiv blessed Tulasee that she would become the beloved of Vishnu. Due to Tulasee's curse, Lord Vishnu attained the form of Shaalgram which is a stone and because of Shiv's blessings Tulasee became the beloved of Vishnu. Tulasee leaves started being offered to the Shaalgraam, in the process of its worship.



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