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4-Parables About Hanumaan-2

Hanumaan Saves a King

Once it so happened that Raam invited many kings to explain them how to work for the welfare of their public. At the same time Naarad Jee also came there. He talked to one King that when he goes inside the court, he must greet Shree Raam and other Braahman but he should never greet Vishwaamitra Jee. Hearing this the King got frightened, he said - "But he is an angry Rishi, how can I be saved from his anger if I don't greet him?" But Naarad Jee said - "O fool, Vishwaamitra is not a Braahman, while all are Braahman. There is no need to greet a Kshatriya from a Kshatriya."

Still fearing, he entered the court and did as Naarad Jee said to him. Naturally Vishwaamitra Jee got very angry. He said to Raam - "Raam, I am insulted in your court, so either you punish this King by giving him the life sentence or I will curse you." Raam said - "Hey Rishi, I have just come back from Van (forest), I cannot want any other curse, so I will surely punish him tomorrow morning." Hearing this the King started shivering with fear of death. He again came to Naarad Jee and said to him - "Naarad Jee, I did as you told, but now Shree Raam will sentence me to death tomorrow morning. Tell me what should I do now? I obeyed you so please save me." Naarad Jee smiled and said - "Tomorrow morning is very far, why do you die now instead of tomorrow morning. Go to His Bhakt Hanumaan, he will surely save you. Go to his mother Anjanee Devee and tell your problem, she will surely protect you."

So the King went to Anjanee Devee and told her that he had come to take help from Hanumaan Jee because one King has taken vow to kill him and only Hanumaan Jee could save him. Anjanee Devee said - "Yes, My son is very mighty, he will surely save you. He is out at present, as he will come home, I will tell him about you. You may wait for him." When Hanumaan Jee came, Anjanee Devee said to him - "Hanumaan, I want to ask you a favor." Hanumaan got very happy to hear this and said to her - "Today's day is very good for me that my mother wants to ask me something. Ask Mother, ask." Mother said - "I have a King here who has come in our shelter. Some other King has taken vow to kill him. Now you have to save him." Hanumaan Jee said - "Sure, Mother, sure. I take vow by Raam that I will protect that King. Where is that King?"

So the mother called the King and asked the name of the King who was supposed to sentence him. The King said - "I cannot tell you his name." Hanumaan said - "If I will not know the name, then how will I save you from him?" Then he said hesitatingly - "That is Shree Raam." Hearing the name Hanumaan got quiet and thought "To whom Shree Raam Himself is ready to kill, how he could be saved? Even Kaal is afraid of Him, how can I protect him from Him?" He thought and thought and then asked the King to be present at the place of sentence next day morning and asked him to meditate on Raam Naam. The King went away and Hanumaan started praying for Shree Raam. He prayed Him the whole night.

Hanumaan started meditating on Shree Raam - "Hey Raam, Please save me. Only you can save me. People call me Sankatmochan, but I myself am now in trouble, how should I save myself from this situation? What is the difference between Bhakt and Bhagavaan, there is conflict between both of us' vows, both will lose, so please help me."

Next day he went to Raam and started serving him. During serving, he said - "Prabhu, I want to ask you something today." Raam got very happy to hear this. He said - "Hanumaan you have never asked anything from me. I am happy that you are asking me something today. Ask, ask soon." Hanumaan Jee thought "if I ask the life of that King, my Prabhu's vow will prove a lie. So I cannot ask that. Then how to save his life?" So he asked - "Prabhu, I need the leave today from your service." Shree Raam got very surprised to hear this, He said - "Only this, Hanumaan. OK." Hanumaan Jee said - "I have never been separate from your service, that is why I was hesitant." Shree Raam said - "Go Hanumaan, I also have to punish one King this morning." Hanumaan thought "And I also have to save the same King." So with the permission of Shree Raam Hanumaan went away.

Now Hanumaan Jee came to that King who was sitting on the bank of Sarayoo River. When the King saw Hanumaan coming, he got relieved. Hanumaan Jee said to the King - "O King, Shree Raam is bringing Raam Baan to kill you, but you don't worry, I have also brought Raam Baan to fight with Him, so you use it against Him." The King said - "So can I sit down now?" Hanumaan Jee said - "No, no, You can't sit like that. I cannot fight with Him with this body, so I will hide behind you assuming a very tiny body, then you fight with Him." After saying this he whispered a Mantra in his ears. So when Shree Raam came to kill him, he started singing and dancing - "Shree Raam Jaya Raam, Jaya Jaya Raam".

When Raam heard this, He thought, "How can I kill a person who is taking my name continuously?" So He went back to His palace. Vishwaamitra Jee asked Him - "Tell me Raam, Have you punished that King?" Raam said - "No, I could not kill him, because He was taking my name continuously." Vishwaamitra Jee said - "Then I curse you." Shree Raam said - "No Prabhu, Just wait, let me try again. This time I will kill him with my Shakti Baan." So He took His Shakti Baan and came to the bank of Sarayoo River again.

Hanumaan Jee said to the King - "Listen O King, This time Shree Raam is coming with His Shakti Baan. I also have Shakti Baan, so use it against Him. When He comes, you dance and sing, "Jaya Siyaa Raam, Jaya Jaya Siyaa Raam". The King did the same. Shree Raam thought, "Oh, He is the Bhakt of Seetaa also, how can I kill him?" So He again went back to His palace. Vishwaamitra Jee again asked Him - "Tell me Raam, Have you punished that King?" Shree Raam said - "No, I could not, as he was singing Seetaa's name also. How could I kill him?" "OK, Then I curse you." "No, Rishivar, No. Give me one chance more. Let me try once more. This time I will go with my Pralaya Baan."

So next time Shree Raam took His Pralaya Baan and came to the bank of Sarayoo River. Hanumaan Jee said to the King - "See, This time Shree Raam is coming with His Pralaya Baan. This time I myself will fight Him with Pralaya Baan." So as He came there, the King started dancing and singing "Jaya Jaya Siyaa Raam, Jaya Jaya Hanumaan; Jaya Jaya Hanumaan, Jaya Jaya Hanumaan". Now Shree Raam started sweating how can I kill the Bhakt of my Bhakt? No, no. I cannot kill this King who is the Bhakt of my Bhakt. If I killed him what my Bhakt will say that "I had only one Bhakt of mine, and you have killed him?" So Shree Raam again went back to His palace.

Thus since morning Shree Raam had been up and down to Sarayoo River to kill the King, but was unable to kill him, so all Rishi and ministers assembled and requested Vishwaamitra Jee to relieve Shree Raam from this flux. So Vishwaamitra Jee called Raam and said to Him - "Stop Raam, Stop. You take off your bow and arrow. I have pardoned this King so you also pardon him. Now you don't need to kill him. I will also not curse you." Hanumaan Jee then came in front of Raam and bowed his head to Him.

Why Hanumaan is Present Wherever Raam's Kathaa is Sung?

Once Hanumaan Jee came to Seetaa Jee and sat down in Her feet quietly. Seetaa Jee asked him - "Hanu, What is this? Why are you so sad?" Hanumaan said - "Maa, I am very grateful for all your Aasheervaad and blessings and Var of immortality etc, but now I have come to return all those to you." Seetaa got surprised to hear this, She asked "Why Hanumaan? All Devtaa and Daanav long for it, and you have come to return them to me?" Hanumaan said - "Maybe they long for it, but they are useless for me." "Why?" "Maa, you and Shree Raghunaath are leaving this world, so what will I do living here after you have gone? That is why I am returning them to you."

They were still talking like this that Shree Raam came there and asked Seetaa - "What are you talking here?" Seetaa Jee told Him everything. Shree Raam said -"Hanu, What is this? Why are you doing this?" Hanumaan said - "Prabhu, If you want that I should keep these Var, then give me one Var more." "What?" "Prabhu, I should be present wherever your story is sung or told." "What?" Seetaa Jee said - "Give it, Prabhu, give it."

Shree Raam said - "Seetey, Do you know what is he asking for? He is asking many bodies." "So what? Give it." Shree Raam said - "OK, Hanumaan, You will be there wherever my Kathaa will be sung or told." Thus now wherever Raam's Kathaa is sung or told, Hanumaan Jee is present there.

Hanumaan's Love for Raam

After Lord Raam's return to Ayodhyaa, Hanumaan Jee attended Shree Raam for His every work. He was swift and able to accomplish single-handedly every task and service of his Master successfully leaving no room for others to join in with their share of chores. This caused some problems as even Lord Raam's own brothers, Bharat, Lakshman and Shatrughn, had therefore no opportunity to render any personal service to Him. So one day all of them got together and voiced their complaints against Hanumaan Jee.

By Seetaa Jee's interference, the duties and other assignments for rendering service to Shree Raam were divided and fixed among all His aspirants accordingly. Every possible activity of personal service to Lord Raam was already assigned to His associates and other servants. Consequently there was no work left for Hanumaan Jee to engage in for rendering service to his Master. This left Hanumaan very disappointed.

Seeing him very disappointed and anxious, Lord Raam smilingly offered a very important but difficult service, even though the job assigned to Hanuman appeared outwardly negligible to others. Hanumaan had to snap his fingers every time His Lord yawned to alert Him. All the brothers and servants of Shree Raam were happy to get all the major parts of service to Raam. Hanumaan was initially upset but then he had received something which others could not even think of...

Yawning has no fixed time nor place. Shree Raam could yawn at any given time at any given place. Now Hanuman began to remain with his Master every moment for he did not know when his Master would need his service, the snapping of his fingers to alert Him when his Lord would yawn. All his time was simply spent lovingly gazing upon his Master's lotus face and drinking the Nectar of His beauty without interruption.

Whenever he was asked to go and relax, he refused to leave his Lord. His argument was that he could not afford to be found wanting in the service of Lord Raam. Now even Seetaa Jee found it inconvenient for Hanumaan could not leave Shree Raam even for a moment.

Seeing Seetaa uncomfortable, Raam asked Hanumaan to go away saying that He would not yawn until he will snap his fingers. Since it was Raam's order, Hanumaan had to go out of Raam's bedroom. Hanumaan went from there and sat down on the roof of the palace. Since there was nothing to do, he thought that let me recite my Lord's name for the time being. So he started reciting Raam' name. While reciting Raam's name he started dancing also. And while dancing he started snapping his fingers also. As he started snapping his fingers, Raam started yawning; and because his snapping fingers was continuous, Raam could not close His mouth. On the roof Hanumaan was reciting Raam's name dancing and snapping his fingers and in the room Raam's mouth was just open.

Seeing this all people around Him got worried that why Raam was not able to close His mouth. Raaj Vaidya (royal doctor) was called but he did not find anything wrong with Raam. Soon Vashishth Jee also came. He looked around and asked - "Where is Sankat Mochan Hanumaan? I don't see him here." Somebody said - "He is on the roof of the palace." Vashishth Jee said - "Call him immediately." Somebody went on the roof of the palace and brought him down. As Hanumaan was coming down, his recitation of Raam's name, dancing, and snapping of fingers, all got stopped. And as all that stopped Raam's mouth was also closed and He got relieved.

This incident made all others realize that Hanumaan was Raam's real servant and they (Raam's brothers and servants) agreed to let Hanuman serve Shree Raam as he previously did and thus the old arrangements were re-established.


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