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6-Hanumaan's Qualities

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6-Hanumaan's Qualities

Hanumaan had lots of qualities. It is because of many boons to him.

Hanumaan Changes His Forms

Hanumaan has changed his form several times in Maanas (Tulasee's Maanas)

(1) The first time he changes his form to a Braahman, in Kishkindhaa Kaand (in Maanas), when he goes to find out about Raam and Lakshman on the order of Sugreev, as who were they? Were they not sent by Baali to kill him? In the same meeting he again changes his form to a larger size to carry Raam and Lakshman on his shoulders to Rishyamook Parvat.

(2) Second time he changes his form, takes up a very huge size, when he crosses the sea to reach Lankaa.

(3) The third time he changes his form several times when he meets Surasaa, (mother of Devtaa). In the last he takes up a very small form, goes in her and comes out of her mouth.

(4) The fourth time he changes his form to a very tiny fly, to enter Lankaa because of Raavan's security system. Still he is detected by his security guard Lankinee and then Hanumaan hits her by his fist and she lets him go.

(5) The fifth time he changes his form to the size of a small cat, when he looks for Seetaa in Lankaa

(6) The sixth time he changes his form when he waits on the tree, under which She was sitting, for Seetaa to be alone to talk to Her.

(7) The seventh time he assumes a huge form to show to Seetaa, when Seetaa doubts that how Raam will kill Raavan as he had many mighty Raakshas. Hanumaan shows Her his huge form and says that all monkeys etc in Raam's army are like this. Then only Seetaa is assured. of Raam's victory. After showing his huge form he gain takes up his short form.

(7) The eighth time he again changes his form, takes up a huge form at the time of burning Lankaa. And after burning Lankaa, he again changes his form to a short one, and come to Seetaa.

In the same way he changes his form according to his need whatever his work demands.

His Presence of Mind

(1) When he faced Surasaa and she told him that she would not go back unless she would eat him. With his presence of mind Hanumaan  reduced himself to a very small size, went in her mouth and within  no time came out of it. Thus he fulfilled her desire as well as he kept his words also.

(2) Second time we see his presence of mind when Raavan orders his people to tie oil drenched cloth on his tail and set fire in it. He immediately increased the size of his tail so much that, it is said, Lankaa's all cloth and oils was finished while doing that.

(3) Third time, when Ahiraavan took Raam and Lakshman to Paataal Lok, Hanumaan went there to bring them back. When Hanumaan arrived on the scene, he found that he had to face 5 lamps which if not put out simultaneously, he would not be able to free Raam and Lakshman. He immediately created five faces of his one face and put out those five lamps with the wind from his five mouths, and thus freed Raam and Lakshman.

(4) Fourth time we find his presence of mind when Meghnaad used Naag Paash on Raam and Lakshman. Everybody was worried about them but nobody was able to find any solution. The then all monkeys saw that Hanumaan was coming with Garud Jee (who could eat all snakes); and the same thing happened. Seeing Garud Jee coming all snakes ran away.


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