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17-Hanumaan Temples

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17-Hanumaan Temples

There are numerous temples for Hanumaan, and his images are usually installed at all temples where images of Avataar of Vishnu are installed. Hanuman temples can be found in many places for the reason that the area and the surroundings are free from Raakshas (demons) and 'evils'. This was a presentational 'Var' to him by Raam and Seetaa. Hanuman idols are found on mountain roads because it is believed that he protects people from accidents.

Aandhra Pradesh - Paritala, near Vijayawada -Tallest Statue
Veer Abhaya Aanjaneya Hanuman Swaamee Moorti 135 feet (41 m).

Aandhra Pradesh - Ponnur, Guntur,
A 30 feet Moorti of Aanjaneya Swaamee, in Ponnur - a rural town located 20 miles South of Guntur City in Guntur district of Aandhra Pradesh, India.

Himaachal Pradesh - Shimalaa - New Addition - 2nd Tallest
This is the newest temple of Hanumaan, inaugurated by Abhishek Bachchan in November 2010. The specialty of this temple is that its idol is the tallest in the world situated at this altitude. Its height is 108 feet and its altitude is 8,100 feet. It is the same place where Hanumaan asked the address of Drone Parvat while going to bring the Sanjeevanee herb for Lakshman. It is known as "Jaakhoo Temple" because it is on Jaakhoo Hills. The idol has been carved by a Raajasthaan sculptor. Till now the tallest idol was of Jesus Christ, 98 feet tall, at the height of 2296 feet in Rio de Jenerio, Brazil. It is known as the "Christ, The Redeemer".

Mahaaraashtra - Nanduraa - 3rd Tallest
Here Hanumaan's Moorti is 105 feet (32 m) tall.

Orissa - Raaurkelaa,
A 72 feet tall statue of Lord Hanumaan is present in Hanumaan Vaatikaa (temple complex) in Raaurkelaa, Orissa, India.

Panjaab - Amritsar,
At Raam Teerth temple, this Moorti is 80 feet (24.5 m) tall.

Panjaab - Phillaur,
Sankat Mochan Shree Hanuman Mandir, located in the Panjaab town of Phillaur, is Asia's tallest temple and the most popular Temple of Lord Hanumaan. The total height of the temple is 121 feet and Hanumaan's statue's height is 67 feet. This is a very famous temple in Panjaab.

Pondicherry, Near - Panchvatee Temple,
A 36 feet Moorti of Shree Panchmukh Hanumaan has been installed at Panchvatee, a famous Panchamukhaa Hanumaan Temple located 9 km from Pondicherry, India. The main deity is 36 feet high making it one of the tallest Hanuman idols...., called as Vishwaroop Jayamangal Panchamukhaa Shree Aanjaneya Swaamee.

Tamil Naadu - Chennai - Nanganallur,
Similarly, a 32 feet Moorti of Aadhi-Vyaadhi-Haaraa Shree Bhakt Aanjaneya Swaamee  was entrenched in 1989 at Nanganallur (one the southern suburbs of Chennai, in Tamil Naadu), a residential area close to the Chennai International Airport, is adjacent to the suburbs such as Madipakkam and Adambakkam, in Chennai, India. The distinguished factor of the idol is that it was molded out of a single rock.

Tamil Naadu - Chennai - Sembakkam, Before Taambaram - Panchmukhaa Temple
There is a Panchmukhaa Temple here also.

Tamil Naadu - Namakkal  - Aanjaneyar Temple
There is an 18-feet idol of Shree Hanumaan in the temple facing east, worshipping Shree Lakshmee Narasinh Swaamee (one of the Avataar of god Vishnu) in this temple. Aanjaneyar idol is Swaayambu, and is said to keep growing in height thus, the Temple has no roof. Namakkal is near Selam, Tamil Naadu.

Tamil Naadu - Thiruvallur,  Panchmukhaa temple
A 40 feet (12 m) tall monolithic green granite Moorti of Shree Panchamukhaa Hanumaan has been installed in Thiruvallur, also in Tamilnaadu. It measures 36 x 20 x 10 and weighs around 220 tons. This place was known as Rudra Van in olden times when many saints and seers had blessed this place with their presence. The Panchamukhaa Hanumaan Aashram itself was established by a saint called Venkatesa Battar.

Normally when a Moorti is installed, a suitable Yantra is kept in the base over which the Moorti will be erected and the deity gets empowered when more and more Poojaa and chanting are done. In Shree Vishwaroop Panchamukh Aanjaneya Swaamee Thiruvallur Aashram, Shree Hanumaan is standing on a Yantra to which Swaamee Jee has transferred all his spiritual powers accumulated by stringent penance done over several decades as well as the spiritual powers of his Guru Paramparaa. Hence the deity has been empowered right from the day of Mahaa Kumbh Abhishek and is readily fulfilling the desires of Bhakt when they pray Shree Panchamukh Hanumaan with single minded devotion.

Further, this Vishwaroop Moorti at Thiruvallur has been installed under Mantra Shaastra and not under Aagam Shaastra. The Mool Mantra of the Panchamukh - five faces -will be written on the walls facing each Mukh and anybody, without any discrimination on the lines of caste, creed, religion, gender or status can chant for specified number of times for specific number of days, the specific Mool Mantra relevant to the remedy the devotee is seeking, sitting before the appropriate Mukh and the remedy sought will be readily available to such devotee.

It became apparent from a study of the ancient scrolls that this site has placed in the legends. Lord Hanumaan, while carrying the Sanjeevanee herb to Lankaa, stopped here for a while to see Sage Agastya performing Poojaa to a Shiv Ling. This place was called Rudra Van at that time and was abode of Sages and Siddh Purush. As per the "scrolls", the Shiv Ling worshipped by Sage Agastya will surface as the appropriate time. Thiruvallur, which lies in the Chennai -> Thiruthani -> Thirupathi route, 45 kilometers from Chennai, is already well known for the Divya Desam.

Among the many instances, which brought out the divinity of the Swaamee stone, two instances are worth mentioned:
(1) When the Swaamee stone was located in 1993 at a quarry in Hassan, it was a gigantic monolithic stone and weighed approximately 700 tons. Herculean efforts were required to move this stone from its place. When such efforts were in progress, Gurudev had a vision of a massive monkey running down from a mountain. Next day the news from Hassan was that the Swaamee stone had slide down from the mountain top, on account of incessant rain falling for a few days. The gigantic swami stone was then transported from Hassan, Karnaatak, covering a distance of 610 kms, placed on a 120 tired trailer and pulled by two massive prime-movers. The transportation from Hassan to the outskirts of Thiruvallur took 22 days, crossing many bridges and Ghaat sections. A Truly amazing feat!
(2) The Swaamee stone reached the outskirts of Thiruvallur during Dakshinaayan. The Swaamee stone chose to reach the Aashram site on a more auspicious period and the day of entry into the Aashram was a glorious day on account of : that it was in auspicious Uttaraayan period, waxing phase of the Moon Shukla Paksh, 100% Siddha Yog, the time of entry was Guru Horaa, and lastly it was Som Vaar (Monday) Pradosh day (Som Pradosh).

Other Large Lord Hanumaan Idols include --

Uttar Pradesh - Chitrakoot - Hanumaan Dhaaraa Temple
One of the most famous places of pilgrimage in central India is claimed to be the Resting Place of Shree Hanuman is Chitrakoot. The Hanumaan Dhaaraa Temple is situated on the peak of mountain where there is natural rock formation image of Shree Hanumaan inside the cave and a natural stream of water falling on the tail. It is believed that after the coronation of Ram, Hanumaan requested Him for a permanent place to settle in the Kingdom of Raam, where his injury of burns on his tail will be cured. Raam then with His arrow spurred a stream of water on the tip of mountain and asked Hanumaan to rest there and water of the stream will fall on his tail to cool down burning sensation on his tail.

The access to the cave temple is through stairs starting from bottom of the mountain to its top. It takes roughly 30 to 40 minutes to reach the temple. Over time the temple has gained a new name, namely Hanuman Dhaaraa. The cave temple is located on the top of the mountain and water comes in the stream throughout the year, although the mountain has no permanent source of water on it like Glaciers or snow coming from the covered mountains of Himaalaya.

Uttar Pradesh - Shaahjahaanpur - 4th Tallest
Hanumat Dham at Visrat Ghat Shaahjahaanpur : - The place is approx 4-5 km away from bus stand and railway station of Shaahjahaanpur. This statue was built in approx 10 years and is situated at Visrat Ghat and by the side of flowing Khannaut river. It has claimed, India's highest statue of God Hanuman, near about to 141' from ground level. The foundation of this statue is based on a manmade island in the river. It is now the 4th tallest statue, 104 ft high, in the world after "Veer Abhaya Aanjaneya Hanumaan Swaamee at Vijayawaadaa, AP; (140 feet); "Hanuman Moorti in Shimala, HP (108 feet), and  in Nandura, Maharasthra (105 feet). Read more:

Bangalore - JP Nagar
Ragigudda Aanjaneya Temple is a Hanumaan temple located in JP Nagar, Bangalore. The Temple is located on a hillock.

Mahaaraashtra - Mumbai - Nerul, Navi Mumbai
The Hanumaan Temple at Nerul, Navi Mumbai, Mahaaraashtra, India is situated inside SIES complex. The Hanuman idol is tall and is installed on a pedestal of height.  Hanumaan's statue has silver coverings (Silver Kavacham).

Tamil Naadu - Kumbaakonam - Panchmukhaa Temple
There is also a shrine for Panchamukh Aanjaneya Swaamee at Kumbakonam, in Thanjavur district in Tamilnaadu, India. A tall monolithic green granite Moorti of Shree Panchamukh Hanumaan has been installed in Thiruvallur, also in Tamilnaadu (see below). This place was known as Rudra Van in olden times when many saints and seers had blessed this place with their presence. The Panchamukh Hanumaan Aashram itself was established by a saint called Venkatesh Battar.

Thailaavaram - Kalyaan Aanjaneyar,
Aanjaneyar is told to have taken nine Avataar and his Grihasth Avataar may be one of them. Lord Hanumaan is found along with his consort Suvarchalaa Devee in the Kalyaan Aanjaneyar Temple at the Thailaavaram village near Maramalaai Nagar. At Sholingur, Aanjaneyar is praying to Narasinh for "Brahmaa" award. Normally only Grihasth can pray for such an award.

Trinidad and Tobago
A Kaarya Siddhi Hanumaan Moorti was installed at Carapichaima -Trinidad and Tobago, by Avadhoot Dattaa Peetham Pontiff Shree Ganapati Sachchidaanand, the head of Avadhoot Datta Peetham in Mysore, born in Karnaatak, on May 26, 1942. This is the tallest statue in the Western hemisphere and second tallest in the world - 85 feet (26 meters) tall. and the architectural designs of the pinkish/saffron (Kesaree) colored Dattaatreya Mandir at Orange Field Road, Carapichaima.

The structure was built according to the Dravidian style of architecture of South India. Two gray concrete elephants provide water for devotees to wash their feet before entering the main Mandir at the northern side. The inside of the dome has seven stages of graded architecture, with numerous figures of musicians playing the various types of musical instruments in seven different colors. This is symbolic of inviting a guest into the main hall of the big Mandir.

How to get to the temple from Port of Spain: Now in Trinidad, there is actually no easy way to find the temple. Once you get off the Old Southern Main Rd, Proceed to South on the highway. Continue in a southerly direction passing the Chaguanas Flyover then past the Chase Village Flyover until you're at the Freeport flyover. (Note a flyover, is Trini for overpass). Turn off the highway on the left and take a right turn which will take you below the highway. Continue driving until you reach an intersection with traffic lights. You proceed straight across the intersection. Drive for about 5 minutes until you reach a field on the left after a school. From here you can make a right turn to see the Yoga Center/Hanumaan Moorti or turn left and drive until the road ends at the Temple in the Sea.

Other Temples

There is a Praacheen Marakat Hanumaan Mandir, near ISBT in Delhi  where every year during Shraavan month natural water comes on its own and submerge the idol and yet giving a pristine pure and clear vision even under water. This temple too had the distinction of many devotees having their wishes fulfilled after visiting this temple.

Sri Lankaa
There is a Panchamuga Anjaneyaar Temple in Sri Lankaa at No 3/11, Sri Bodhirukkarama Road, (Vihaar Lane) Kalubowila, Dehiwela
This is the temple dedicated to Hanumaan in Sri Lanka. The only temple in the world to have a chariot for Hanumaan.

Another Hanumaan Temple in Lankaa is at Ramboda. Chinmaya Mission of Sri Lanka has built a temple here with Hanuman as the presiding deity. One can reach there Kandy / Nuwara Eliya road (40 km post on A5 route). Minimum time needed at the site about 30 minutes. On every Full Moon day special Poojaa are conducted and witnessed by thousands of devotees. The image of Hanumaan here is 16 feet high.


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