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13-Raam Charit Maanas
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Tulasee's Raam Charit Maanas has revolutionized Bhakti movement by enabling common man to recite the glorious legend of Shri Raam in his native tongue. It's beauty is that it is in popular language and can be sung. This story is told by four people at four places in four times -

(1) at one place Tulasee Daas Jee is telling this Kathaa to his audience;
(2) at another place, Prayaag, Yaagyavalkya jee is telling this Kathaa to Bharadwaaj Jee
(3) at another place, Kailaas Parvat, Shiv jee is telling this Kathaa to Paarvatee Jee; and
(4) at another place, under a tree, Kaagbhushundi Jee is telling this Kathaa to Garud Jee.

It is divided in 7 Kaand (chapters), below is given its brief summary --

(1) Baal Kaand -
This Kaand starts from prayers and ends at when all four brothers come back to Ayodhyaa after marrying from Janak Puree. So it contains prayers to various gods, saints, Bhoot, Pishaach, etc to be kind on Tulasee. Shiv-Satee's seeing Raam in forest;  Satee takes Raam's test; Shiv leaves Satee; Daksh's Yagya; Satee's immolation in that Yagya. Satee's reincarnation as Paarvatee; Paarvatee's Tap to get Shiv as her husband; burning of Kaam Dev; Shiv Paarvatee's marriage and Paarvatee's request to tell Shiv Jee Raam's story to her.

Various reasons of Raam's incarnation are given - stories of Manu Shataroopaa's , Naarad's Moh story, Prataapbhaanu's story, etc. Putra Kaameshti Yagya, and as a result of that Yagya birth of four princes in Dasharath's palace, Vishwaamitra's coming to ask for Raam and Lakshman for the protection of his Yagya, giving of Astra to Raam, killing of Subaahu and Taadakaa and sparing Maareech.

Raajaa Janak's invitation of Seetaa's Swayamvar to Vishwaamitra, Vishwaamitra takes both princes to Janak Puree, Mithilaa; on the way Ahalyaa Uddhaar; Raam meets Seetaa in Pushp Vaatikaa; all four brothers' marriage; Parashuraam and Lakshman dialog about the breakage of Shiv's bow and all come back to Ayodhyaa. All queens welcome their sons and daughters-in-law. Bharat and Shatrughn go to their Maamaa's (Bharat's Maamaa) house.

(2) Ayodhyaa Kaand -
Dasharath plans to appoint Raam as King; all preparations are done; seeing those preparations Kaikeyee's maid Mantharaa conspires and instigates Kaikeyee to ask Raajaa to appoint Bharat as king and to send Raam for 14 years to forest. Dasharath requests Kaikeyee to change her decision but she is adamant and Dasharath has to send Raam to forest. Seetaa and Lakshman also got to forest with Raam; Raam comes to Gangaa River, meets Kevat who takes them across Gangaa; Sumantra who went with them to take them out of the town comes back to Ayodhyaa; gives news to Dasharath that Raam has not come back, so he dies.

Bharat is called, he comes, hearing everything he abuses his mother and goes to Raam to bring Him back to Ayodhyaa with all his mothers and army. Meets Kevat, Kevat misunderstands him seeing the large army with him, then meets him like a friend, takes him to Raam. Bharat requests Raam to go back to Ayodhyaa but Raam refuses reminding him about the "vow", gives his Paadukaa and Bharat comes back to Ayodhyaa, lives like a Sanyaasee, outside Ayodhyaa in Nandee Graam.

(3) Aranya Kaand -
Raam and Jayant's episode; Raam comes to Chitrakoot; Atri Muni's Aashram; Viraadh Vadh; comes to Sharabhang muni; Suteekshn muni and then comes to Agastya Muni's Aashram and on their advice stays in Panchvatee in Dandak Van. Shoorpanakhaa's coming there; requesting Raam to be her husband; Raam orders Lakshman to cut her nose and ears; she sends her brothers Khar and Dooshan to kill Raam, but all of them are killed. In the meantime Raam hides real Seetaa in Fire. A shadow Seetaa appears in place of Her. Then she goes to Raavan to warn him. Raavan's order to Maareech to tantalize Seetaa by assuming the form of a golden deer, and to take Raam far away and then be killed by Raam crying "Haa Seete, Haa Lakshman". Lakshman would come to help Raam, and Raavan would abduct Seetaa. The same happens, but kills Jataayu on the way; brings Seetaa and keeps Her in Ashok Vaatikaa in Lankaa. Raam's return, search for Seetaa; meets Jataayu; Jataayu informs that Raavan had taken Her to south and dies; Raam does his last rites and wanders around searching Seetaa.

Kabandh Vadh; Raam comes to Shabaree's Aashram; she directs Him to Pampaapur where He should make Sugreev His friend. So Raam proceeds towards Pampaapur.

(4) Kishkindhaa Kaand -
Raam comes to Pampaapur, Sugreev sees them from the peak of Rishyamook Parvat and doubts whether hey were sent by his brother Baali to kill him; so he sends Hanumaan to enquire about them. Hanumaan meets them in Braahman form and recognizes them. Brings them to Sugreev and make them friends. Sugreev tells his story; Raam kills Baali; coronates him as the king of Kishkindhaa and then reminds him to help Him search Seetaa. He sends four groups to four directions. Hanumaan, Jaambvant go towards south under the leadership of Angad. Raam gives His ring to Hanumaan as His mark. All are given the time of one month. Angad's party loses the way and so its time. Now they are sitting on seashore and try to know how to cross the sea.

Sampaati, Jataayu's brother sees them and is happy that he got the food, but the then hears Angad saying that Jataayu was very fortunate who gave his life to do Raam's work. he asks them about Jataayu and they tell them about Jataayu, then he tells them the location of Seetaa. But the question of crossing the sea still remains. Then Jaambvant reminds Hanumaan about his powers and he remembers them

(5) Sundar Kaand -
Hanumaan estimates his powers and take a jump to cross the sea. On the way he meets Mainaak Parvat to take rest upon it, but Hanumaan politely refuses it and proceeds. Next he meets Surasaa, who wants to eat him, but Hanumaan satisfies her also, and with hr blessings come to Lankaa. Pushes Lankinee and enters Lankaa. Meets Vibheeshan, with his guidance goes to Ashok Vaatikaa; sees Raavan; throws Raam ring, Seetaa picks it up. Hanumaan shows up and convinces Seetaa. He eats fruits there and destroys Vaatikaa, so Raakshas complain to Raavan. Raavan sends his youngest son Akshaya, Hanumaan kills him; then he send Meghnaad to arrest him. Meghnaad uses Brahmaastra to arrest him and brings him to to Raavan's court. Hanumaan advises Raavan but Raavan orders to burn his tail. Raakshas do that, Hanumaan burns Lankaa, takes Choodaamani from Seetaa, consoles Her and comes back. GIves news to Raam. And all come to seashore. Vibheeshan defects Raavan and joins Raam. Sea suggests them to build the bridge through the help of Nal and Neel.

(6) Lankaa Kaand -
All cross the sea, Raam hits Mandodaree's earrings; Raavan feels bad. Raam sends Angad as His messenger, but Raavan does not agree with him. The war starts. Meghnaad his Lakshman with Shakti, Lakshman gets unconscious, Raam is disturbed, Sushen Vaidya is called, he suggests to bring Sanjeevanee herb, Hanumaan brings it killing Kaalnemi Raakshas on his way. Kumbhkarn is awakened, but get killed by Raam. Another time Raavan uses Naag Paash and Raam and Lakshman are fainted. Hanumaan calls Garud, he eats those snakes and frees Raam and Lakshman. Meghnaad does Devee Poojaa to kill Raam and Lakshman, but with Vibheeshan's reporting Raam know this, Lakshman, Hanumaan and Vibheeshan go there, disturb his Yagya and kill him.

Raam wants to kill Raavan but he is not killed in any way. Vibheeshan opens a secret that he has nectar in his navel, so unless that is destroyed, he cannot be killed, Raam shots 31 arrows - 10 for his heads, 20 for his arms and one for his nectar, then only He is able to kill him. Raam calls Seetaa, Seetaa takes Agni Pareekshaa (Fire Test). Vibheeshan is coronated as the king of Lankaa and Raam returns to Aydhyaa in Pushpak Vimaan. While at Bharadwaaj Muni's Aashram, Raam send Hanumann to Ayodhyaa with the message of His coming back.

(7) Uttar Kaand -
Bharat is worried, only one day is left in completing 14 years. Hanumaan appears and Bharat is happy. Everybody welcomes Raam Lakshman and Seetaa. Next day He is coronated as the king of Ayodhyaa. Many Rishi and Devtaa come and pray Raam. Paarvatee asks Shiv - "Garud is the Vaahan of Vishnu, why he was sent to listen to Raam's Kathaa by Kaagbhushundi?" Shiv tells the reason and then tells Kaagbhushundi's life story.


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