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Gayatri Saadhanaa Endeavor

There is chaos and disharmony all over the worldnowadays. This cannot be resolved until and unless there is peace, understanding, compassion, a sense of sharing and harmony among human beings. This can be accomplished by instituting these values in our minds by the Jaap (pronouncing something repeatedly) of Gayatri Mantra.

This fact has been revealed by Shiv Baba, that 24 Saadhak should do this Jaap continually for 24 months. and then again another set of 24 Saadhak should do that for the next 24 months, thus continuing the chain till the task is accomplished. This Saadhanaa must continue for at least 10 years.

The thought process of 24 Saadhak doing this Gayatri Saadhanaa, will be connected with the rays of Sun. The vibrations of these thoughts will be carried over everywhere affecting all beings. This way people will develop a sense of brotherhood and compassion not only towards their fellow human beings but also towards the whole environment.
This Yog Saadhanaa will bring a revolution in the spiritual and astral world. The result will be in the form of world peace, harmony and prosperity which will be felt all over the universe.

To facilitate this endeavor, the construction of 24 rooms with attached kitchen and bathroom is planned. Donations are welcomed for this endeavor. The whole family of the contributors will reap the good fortunes by this noble work costing approximately Indian Rupees 251,000 equal to approximately US$6,000 for each room.


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