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2-Uchchhisht Ganesh

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2-Uchchhisht Form of Ganesh Jee

Ganesh Jee is known as Ganapati in South India.

In Rig Ved Ganapati is known as leader of certain Gan, who were close to Vrat tribes. In Atharv Ved not only Vrat but Vratya is also mentioned. Interesting thing is that in the Uchchhisht Sookt, which is always considered as song for leftover offerings, but on the other hand one name of Ganapati is also Uchchhisht. In Ganapati temple of Trivendrum (Keral, India) there is a picture of Uchchhisht Ganapati. Atharv Ved talks about Uchchhisht with great respect, but at the same time of Manu Smriti and Yaagyavalkya Sanhitaa Uchchhisht(s) were not considered well in the societies. but after a period of gap Puraan have adopted Ganapati in a very interesting way. He was not an "Auras Purtra" of Shiv but was more than Auras Putra.

Uchchhisht Ganesh is the favorite of those who seek initiation as the word Uchchhisht means that which has been touched by the lips, and words or sound touches the lips of the Guru before it comes to the ears of the Shishya.

About Ucchisht Ganapati
This is the dancing form of Ganesh and the meditation etc visualize Ganesh in a rather jovial, compromising mood. Uchchhisht Ganesh is worshipped to remove domestic disharmony and his worship improves the relationship with spouse. All sorts of troubles with in-laws etc vanish and the family gets together and lives happily. For the last two decades we have advised the placing of a statue of dancing Ganesh (idol) near the headstand of the bed and the relationship between couples has improved. Marriages which were on the verge of breakdown have smoothened out in a most miraculous manner.

Uchchhisht Ganapati meditation -----
Sindoor varn Sankaasham Yogpatt Samanvitam
Lambodaram Mahaakaayam Mukham Kari Karopamam
Animaadi Gunyuktam Ashtbaahum Trilochanam
Vijayaa Vidyutam Ling Moksh Kaamaaya Poojyet

In Mandook (Maandookya) Upanishad, the Tattwa is explicitly described through the 7th Mantra. Similarly, in Atharv Ved, in all the three Sookt-27 Rik, the concept is well defined.

One who takes to the Ganapati Upaasanaa should know definitely the efficacy of the propitiation of Uchchhisht Ganapati. There have been many Saavant in the past, who were adept in this cult not only for the purpose of contributing towards society's welfare, but also for self-realization. It may not be out of place that the truth of mastery, over this Uchchhisht Mahaa-Ganapati cult was possessed by the late His Holiness Shree Narasimha Bharati, cf Sringeri Pitam.

There is a misgiving that the cult of worship of Uchchhisht Ganapati descended to our country from China or Tibet, but it is refuted from the evidence available in Atharv Ved and this cult has a hoary past in our own country. It is not possible to deal with the subject in a limited way but attempt is made to put it in a nutshell in this endeavor. Almost all the great Mahaa-Purush must have been initiated into this Upaasanaa, which not only enlivened them with Aatm Vichaar leading to Cosmic Consciousness or Self-realization, but also a powerful medium to do away with evil deeds by practicing absolute Shisht-cham. Among the few who may be located in this country and who are still found to be an authority in the cult and such Upaasak is one Shree Matakavi Sundara Sarma of Tanjore, a Sanskrit and Tamil scholar and author of many books on religious treatises, who has been fortunate enough to be blessed and given the title "Rama Pranan" by His Holiness Shankaraachaarya of Kaanchee Kaamkoti Peetham and "Mahaakavi" by BLH Shankaraachaarya of Govardhan Peetham, Puree, and "Kavi Chakravartee" by Kaashee Pandit Sabhaa Vaaraanasee.



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