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5-Story of Krodhaasur
Incarnation of Lambodar

When Saagar Manthan was done to extract Amrit from the Saagar, Vishnu took Mohinee Avataar. Even Shiv got mesmerized by that Avataar. So when Vishnu came into His own form, Shiv got very distressed. Out of this distress, a demon with copper-color eyes took birth from him. The demon went to Shukraachaarya Jee and requested him to make him his disciple and give him a name. Shukraachaarya accepted him as his disciple and named him Krodhaasur.

Krodhaasur learnt all Vidyaa soon and became very knowledgeable. Guru Jee married him to Shambaraasur's beautiful daughter Preetikaaya. After the marriage, Krodhaasur requested to Guru Shukraachaarya that he wanted to rule the three worlds, so he should initiate him some Mantra so that he can fulfill his aim. Shukraachaarya Jee gave him Soorya Mantra and Krodhaasur went to forest to please Soorya Dev. There he stood on one foot and reiterated that Mantra. At last Soorya Dev got pleased with his Tap and appeared before him and asked him to ask for any var.

Krodhaasur said - "I want to be immortal to conquer and control the entire universe." "So be it." Soorya Dev bestowed this boon and disappeared. When he came home, Shukraachaarya was very happy with him so he coronated him the king of Avaash Puree. After becoming the King he conquered the whole Tri-Lok. Then he conquered Vishnu's Vaikunth Lok, Shiv's residence Kailaash Parvat and even the the palace of Soory Dev - Soorya Lok. Soorya Dev had no choice other than to surrender it as he was the one who bestowed this boon to him.

So all Devtaa went to Ganesh Jee to help them in this situation. Lambodar said - "Do not worry at all, I will destroy his pride." Lamdodar went to Krodhaasur and fought with him, The fight continued for some time. Seeing his all soldiers dying in the battlefield, Krodhaasur fell on Lambodar's feet and asked for his forgiveness. Lambodar forgave him and after that Krodhaasur became Ganesh's sincere devotee.



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