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Here is the list of the books whose all folktales have been translated :-

Decamerone or Hundred Tales (100)
By Giovanni Bocaccio. 1353.
Translated by John Payne.  London: David Nutt in the Strand.  1894.  200 p.  38 Stories.
Available in English at the Web Site :


Pentamerone (50)
By Giambattiasta Basile.
Translated by Marjorie Wardrop. London, David Nutt in the Strand. 1894. 200 p. 38 Stories.
Available in English at the Web Site :  and


1.  The Tale of the Ogre
2.  The Myrtle
3.  Peruonto
4.  Vardiello
5.  The Flea
6.  Cenerentola (Translated into English as Cinderella)
7.  The Merchant
8.  Goat-face
9.  The Enchanted Doe
10.  The Flayed Old Lady

1.  Parsley (a variant of "Rapunzel")
2.  Green Meadow
3. Violet
4.  Pippo (a variant of "Puss in Boots")
5.  The Snake
6.  The She-bear (a variant of "Allerleirauh")
7.  The Dove (a variant of "The Master Maid")
8.  The Young Slave (a variant of "Snow White"
9.  The Padlock
10.  The Buddy

1.  Cannetella
2.  Penta of the Chopped-off Hands (a variant of the "Girl Without Hands")
3.  Face
4.  Sapia Liccarda
5.  The Cockroach, the Mouse, and the Cricket
6.  The Garlic Patch
7.  Corvetto
8.  The Booby
9.  Rosella
10.  The Three Fairies (a variant of "Frau Holle")



1.  The Stone in the Cock's Head
2.  The Two Brothers
3.  The Three Enchanted princes
4.  The Seven Little Pork Rinds (a variant of "The Three Spinners")
5.  The Dragon
6.  The Three Crowns
7.  The Two Cakes (a variant of "Diamonds and Toads")
8.  The Seven Doves (a variant of "The Seven Ravens")
9.  The Raven (a variant of "Trusty John")
10.  Pride Punished (a variant of "King Thrushbeard")


1.  The Goose
2.  The Months
3.  Pintosmalto (a variant of M\"Mr Simigdali")
4.  The Golden Root (a variant of "Cupid and Psyche")
5.  Sun, Moon and Talia (a variant of "Sleeping Beauty")
6.  Sapia
7.  The Five Sons
8.  Nennillo and Nennilla (a variant of "Brother and Sister")
9.  The Three Citrons (a variant of "Love of Three Oranges")







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