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Here is the list of those books whose all folktales have been translated in Hindi :-


Folk-lore and Legends : Oriental (13)
By Charles John Tibbitts.  London, WW Gibbins.  1889.  13 Folktales.
Available in English on the Web Site :

Chinese Myths and Legends (38)
By Joanne O'Brien. Translated by Kwak Man Ho.  38 Myths. 
Available at the Web Site :

1.  Rice From Heaven
2.  Nu Wa Repairs the Sky
3.  The Water Ghost and the Fisherman
4.  The Spotted Deer and the Tiger
5.  Kuan Yin's Prophecy
6.  The Barber and The Immortal
7.  The Merchant's Revenge
8.  Chang Ku Lao's Test
9.  Pan Ku's Creation
10.  The Emperor's Commands
11.  The Donkey's Powers
12.  The Sun and Moon Lake
13.  Wang Erh and the Golden Hairpin
14.  The Wild Cat's Mistake
15.  Liang Yu Ching's Punishment
16.  The Rat's Wedding
17.  The Child of the Mulberry Tree
18.  Kuan Yin
19.  Yo Lung Mountain


20.  Dragon Gate Mountain
21.  The Silver Pot and the Boiling Sea
22.  The Child No One Wanted
23.  The First Cat
24.  Five Men Mountains
25.  The Story of the Cockscomb
26.  Why the Sea is Salty
27.  The Dumb Flute Player
28.  The Pagoda Tree
29. Why the Earthworm Has no Eyes
30.  The Loud Mouthed Woman
31.  Ma Chen and Immortal Brush Pen
32.  The Mad Monk
33.  The Min River
34.  Ting Ling Goddess
35.  The Little Fox and The Pomegranate King
36.  Pai Hua Lake
37.  The Islands of the Immortals
38.  Into the Lion's Mouth


Folk-Tales of Bengal (22) - Published
by Rev Lal Behari Dey. London, MacMillan. 1912. 22 tales. 1st edition 1883.
Available at the Web Sites :

1.  Life's Secret
2.  Phakir Chand
3.  The Indigent Brahman
4. The Story of the Rakshasas
5.  The Story of Swet-Basanta
6.  The Evil Eye of Sani
7.  The Boy Whom Seven Mothers suckled
8.  The Story of Prince Sobur
9.  The Origin of Opium
10.  Strike But Hear
11.  The Adventures of Two Thieves and Their Sons
12.  The Ghost Brahman
13.  The Man Who Wished to be Perfect
14.  A Ghostly Wife
15.  The Story of Brahmadaitya
16.  The Story of a Hiraman
17.  The Origin of Rubies
18.  The Matchmaking Jackal
19.  The Boy With the Moon on His Forehead
20.  The Ghost Who was afraid of Being Bagged
21.  The Field of Bones
22.  The Bald Wife


Folk Tales of Kashmir (64)
by James Hinton Knowles. London, Kegan Paul. 1887. 64tales.
Available at the Web Site : 

1.  Seven-legged Beast
2. The Cat Who Became a Queen
3.  Good King Haatim
4.  Metempsychosis
5.  The Charmed Ring
6.  The Crow Girl
7.  One Lakh Rupees for a Bit of Advice
8.  Ogress Queen
9.  The Goldsmith and His Friends
10.  The Tale of a Princess
11.  The Prince Who Was Changed into a Ram
12.  Saiyid and Said
13.  The Cruel Merchant
14.  The Man From Shiraz
15.  Shabrang Prince and Thief
16.  The Troublesome Friend
17.  The Wicked Stepmother
18.  The True Friendship
19.  Three Blind Men
20.  All for a Paisa
21.  Pride Abased
22.  The Two Brothers
23.  Base Friend
24.  Haya Band and Zuhra Khotan
25.  The Clever Jackal
26.  A Stupid Boy
27.  Four Princess Turned Into Stones
28.  Brave Princess
29.  The Three Princes
30.  The Diligent King
31.  The Ivory City and Its Fairy Princess
32.  A Strange Request
33.  The Unjust King and Wicked Goldsmith
34.  The Philosopher's Stone
35.  How the Wicked Sons Were Duped
36.  A Stupid Husband and His Clever Wife
37.  The Prayerful Faqir
38.  Unity is Strength
39.  The Pir of Phattapur
40.  The Sagacious Governor
41.  Their Only Ruby
42.  The Jackal King
43.  The Black and White Beards
44.  The Story of a Weaver
45.  The Robbers Robbed
46.  The Young Gambling Merchant
47.  The Day-Thief and the Night-Thief
48.  The Cunning Goldsmith
49.  How the Princess Found Her Husband
50.  The Clever Parrot
51.  The Malecontent Cured
52.  The Stupid Peasant
53.  Karm or Dharm
54.  Four Wicked Sons and Their Luck
55.  Sharaf, the Thief
56.  The King and His Treacherous Wazir
57.  The Shipwrecked Prince
58.  Gagar Wol and His Servant Ratun
59.  Wicked Queens
60.  The Four Princes
61.  Jogi's Daughter
62.  Gullala Shah
63.  Why the Fish Laughed
64.  Nagray and Himal


Tales From the Punjab (43)
by Flora Annie Steel. London, Macmillan & Co. 1894. 43 Stories
Available at the Web Site : 

1.  Sir Buzz
2.  The Rat's Wedding
3.  The Faithful Prince
4.  Bear's Bad Bargain
5.  Prince Lionheart and His Three Friends
6.  The Lambikin
7.  Bopoluchi
8.  Princess Aubergine
9.  Valiant Vicky, the Brave Weaver
10.  The Son of Seven Mothers
11.  The Sparrow and the Crow
12.  The Tiger, The Brahman and the Jackal
13.  The King of the Crocodiles
14.  Little Anklebone
15.  The Close Alliance
16.  The Two Brothers
17.  The Jackal and the Iguana
18.  The Death and Burial of Poor Hen-Sparrow
19.  The Princess Pepperina
20.  Peasie and Beansie
21.  The Jackal and the Partridge
22.  The Snake-Woman and King Ali Mardaan

23.  The Wonderful Ring
24.  The Jackal and the Pea-hen
25.  The Grain of Corn
26.  The Farmer and the Money-Lender
27.  The Lord of Death
28. The Wrestlers
29. The Legend of Gwashbrari, the Glacier-Hearted Queen
30.  The Barbaer's Clever Wife
31.  The Jackal and the Crocodile
32.  How Raja Rasalu Was Born
33.  How Raja Rasalu Went Out Into the World
34.  How Raja Rasalu's Friends Forsook Him
35.  How Raja Rasalu Killed the Giants
36.  How Raja Rasalu Became a Jogi
37.  How Raja Rasalu Journeyed to the City of King Sarkap
38.  How Raja Rasalu Swung the Seventy Fair Maidens
39.  How Raja Rasaly Played Chaupur With King Sarkap
40.  The King Who Was Fried
41.  Prince Half-a-Son
42.  The Mother and Daughter Who Worshipped the Sun
43.  The Ruby Prince


Israel: King Solomon and Solomon and Markolf
Solomon and Saturn and Adrian and Rithues are the two medieval texts of widely spread genre in a number of languages.


Folk Tales From the Russian (9)
by Veera Xenophontovna Kalamatiano de Bluementhal. 1903. 9 tales.
Available at the Web Site :

1.  The Tsarevna Frog
2.  Seven Simeons
3.  The Language of the Birds
4.  Ivanoushka the Simpleton
5.  Woe Bogotir
6.  Baba Yaga
7.  Dimian the Peasant
8.  The Golden Mountain
9.  Father Frost

Russian Folk-tales (73)
by Alexander Nikolayevich Afanasyev. 1889. / Translated by Leonard Arthur Magnus. NY: EP Dutton. 1916.
Available at two Web Sites :

1.  The Dun Cow
2.  A Tale of the Dead
3.  A Tale of the Dead
4.  A Tale of the Dead
5.  The Bear, the Dog and the Cat
6.  Egory the Brave and the Gipsy
7.  Danilo the Unfortunate
8.  The Sorry Drunkard
9.  The Wolf and the Tailor
10.  The Tale of the Silver Saucer and the Crystal Apple
11.  The Foundling Prince
12.  The Sun and How It was made by Divine Will
13.  The Language of the Birds
14.  Baba Yaga and Zamoryshek
15. The Miraculous Hen
16.  Mark the Ruch
17.  By Command of the Prince Daniel
18.  The Thoughtless Word
19.  The Tsaritsa Harpist
20.  The Tale of Ivan Tsarevich, the Bird of Light and the Grey Wolf
21.  The Priest With the Envious Eyes
22.  The Soldier and Death
23.  The Midnight Dance
24.  Vasilisa the Fair
25.  The Animals in the Pit
26.  The Poor Widow
27.  Ilya Muromets and Svyatogor the Knight
28.  The Smith and the Devil
29.  The Princess Who would not Smile
30.  The Tsarevich and Dyadka
31.  Prince Ivstafi
32.  Vasilisa Popovna
33.  The Dream
34.  The Soldier and the Tsar in the Forest
35.  The Tale of Alexander of the Macedon
36.  The Brother of Christ


37.  Alyosha Popovich
38.  God's Blessing Compasses All Things
39.  Shemyak the Judge
40.  A Story of St Nicholas
41.  The Potter
42.  The Witch and the Sister of the Sun
43.  Marya Moryevna
44.  The Realm of Stone
45.  The Story of Tsar Angey and How He Suffered For Pride
46.  The Feast of the Dead
47.  The Quarrelsome Wife
48.  Elijah the Prophet and St Nicholas
49.  The Princess is to be Kissed at a Charge
50.  The Wood Sprite
51.  The Realms of Copper, Silver and Gold
52.  Chufil Filushka
53.  Donotknow
54.  The Sea-Tsar and Vasilisa the Wise
55.  The Animals Winter Quarters
56.  The Story of Ilyamuromets and the Nightingale Robber
57.  Nikita the Tanner
58.  The Singing Tree and the Speaking Bird
59.  At the Behest of the Pike
60.  The Journey to Jerusalem
61.  Vazuza and Volga
62.  The Enchanted Tsarevich
63.  The Snake Princess
64.  Beer and Bread
65.  Sorrow
66.  Ivashko and the Wise Woman
67.  Never-wash
68.  Christ and the Geese
69.  Christ and Folk-songs
70.  The Devil in the Dough-pan
71.  The Sun The Moon and Crow Crowson
72.  The Legless Knight and the Blind Knight
73.  A Cure For Story-telling





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