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New Project

Structure of the Old Work

During the period of these last 10 years, I went through many upheavals mentally as well as physically. After translating 1,600 folktales in Hindi, after a good size collection I found out that the folktales did not need only translation, they needed some kind of special treatment also so I divided them into three sections -

Country Wise
I distributed these 1,600 tales among over 80 books according to their countries.

Topic Wise
Many tales are such that they deliver the same message as others. As we wrote in the beginning that one of their three objectives is to educate people through the tales. There are many such tales which deliver the same message therefore they were put under some common topics. About 50 such books were made of such nature.

One Story Many Colors
During this process some other points were also observed, for example,
--one tale may not be found only in one country, it can be found in any other country with a little or no modification.
--while two or three or four tales' themes are similar.
--one tale can have several versions, not even in its own country of origin but also in other countries too. When while reading or listening it you are bound to say "Oh, is it not the same story which we have heard last time, but it is not exactly the same. Either you are telling it wrongly or maybe I have forgotten." In fact nobody is wrong both are right in their own way.

Such tales were collected at one place under the Series "One Story Many Colors". Twenty + books were assembled under this series.

These books are not the folktale books but are some educational and informational books written not only for children but also for grown-ups. They can also read them and get benefited with them.


Old Folktales (New)

Meanwhile I came to realize that there were some very old books which needed special attention. They could be classified as classic books, or forgotten books, or old books which needed this treatment. Only those books which were published around 1900 and before OR if they seemed to be rare, OR they looked interesting (only by personal judgment) have been selected for this purpose. 

Presently the following books are available in this Series but more are yet to come -

1.  Folktales of Zanzibar
2.  Queen of Sheba and King Solomon - published by Prabhat Prakashan
This book as such is not a folktales book
3.  King Solomon and Solomon and Markolf - published by Prabhat Prakashan
This book as such is not a folktales book
4.  Folktales of Bengal - published by NBT, Delhi
5.  Folktales of Russia
6.  Folk Tales from the Russian



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