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Tripur Rahasya-10-12

10. Hemchood Goes in Samaadhi

Hemlekhaa noticed that her husband was in Supreme Peace, so she did not disturb him. Hemchood woke up in about one and half hour and found his wife still nearby him. Hemlekhaa held his hand and said - "Dear, tell me what did you find after closing your eyes and what did you lose after opening your eyes?" Hemchood said reluctantly - "I have found pure untainted happiness. I did not find any satisfaction in worldly activities as when they are finished they give sorrow. They seem tasteless to me. It is really pity that the people are still indulged in such activities. They are just unaware of this bliss. This is the boundless ocean of pleasure. Now please, let me be in that state again."

Hemlekhaa smiled and said - "O My Lord, You don't even know the highest state of sanctity which is not touched by duality, When wise reach at that state, the state of non-duality, they are never perplexed, that state is still far from you as the sky is from the Earth. You have a very little wisdom which is in fact no wisdom at all. because it is still conditional, depending on opening and closing your eyes. Perfection cannot depend on activity or no activity, effort or no effort. Any state is not perfect which is influence by any physical or mental activity, or if displacement of the eyelid just by the width of a barley grain can affect it. What can I say of your wisdom, because this is ridiculous to think that your just one inch long eyelid can shut up the expanse in which millions of the worlds revolve in one corner alone.

Listen unless these knots are not cut you will not find the bliss. [only acquiring knowledge is not enough], and these knots are in millions in number and are created by the bonds of delusion and ignorance of Self. These knots deludes us. The first one is that we identify Self with our body which bind us with the cycle of birth and death. The second one is the differentiation of the world from the Self. The man is never redeemed until has broken all the knots. The stage you have reached on, is not enough. Prove if you can, that everything is not contained in it. There is nothing that cannot be held by consciousness, just as there cannot be any reflection without a reflecting surface. Therefore cut your knot "I shall lose it if I open my eyes" or "I know it". And still there will be no attainment, because it cannot be perfect state if it can be attained. The fire of realization will burn away all your sense of duty, so that there will be nothing left for you to do."

When Hemlekhaa stopped speaking, Hemchood's confusion was gone. he led a very happy life with Hemlekhaa and others. he ruled his kingdom and brought prosperity to it. he lived for 22,000 years as Jeevan-mukt.

Scholars say that "1,000" is a peculiar expression for 'four.' Thus 20,000 stands for 80.

When King Muktchood heard that his son Hemchood has become Jeevan-mukt, he talked to his other son Manichood. Both agreed that hemchood was not now as before, rather he was changed so much that he was not affected even by the greatest pleasure or by the worst sorrow, and he treated friends and foes alike. He conducted all his royal duties like an actor. They thought and thought about it and finally came to Hemchood. They asked him about the reason of this change. When he told them they also told him to instruct them, and finally they also became Jeevan-mukt like Hemchood; and so were their ministers and citizens too. They were living in the world but were working like an actors.

The Rishi, Sanak, and others called the City of Wisdom. Even the birds in their cages spoke the language of wisdom What is known is not different from that intelligence, it is like a series of images reflected in a mirror. Absolute consciousness is the universe; it is 'I', it is all, mobile or immobile. Everything else is illuminated by it whereas it is alone and Self-luminous."
Dattaatreya continued: "Thus, you see, Parashuraam, the primary cause of emancipation is association with the wise. Therefore, follow that advice first and foremost."

End of the Chapter 10

11. Cosmos is the Intelligence: ascertain the Truth

After hearing the story of Hemchood, Bhaargav got confused, he said - "O Lord, Whatever you have told me, it seems against the experience of all the people. How can the objective Universe be no other than thin consciousness which is not seen? Pure intelligence without the objects cannot be imagined and therefore cannot be postulated. It is not clear to me. PLease explain to me clearly."

Dattaatreya Jee said - "I now tell you about the objective world as it is. What is seen is absolutely nothing but sight. I give you the proof of this statement. All that is seen has its origin somewhere, and that is why there must be an antecedent cause for it. What is origin? Where the thing newly appears. The world changes every moment that is why it appears new every moment, and so it is born every moment. Some say that it is true for only specific object but not for the world because it is the aggregate of many objects. The scientists answer them thus - "The external things are momentary projections, but the intellect which collates time, space and phenomena is infinite and eternal and is called Vigyaan. But all are agreed upon that this Universe has an origin. Just as a cause need not always foretell an event, so also the event need not always have a cause. The conclusion is that this world is an accident.

If a thing appears without a cause, then there is no relation between the cause and the effect, and there can be no harmony in the world. The interdependence of cause and effect is decided by the logical sequence, and proved by its role in practical life. So how can Universe be an accident?

They derive the cause where it is not obvious, and trace it from the effect. This is the universal practice. Each occurrence must have a cause, that is the rule. Even if the cause is not there, it must be guessed, otherwise world's activities will be in vain - which is absurd. Therefore the theory of accidental creation is not acceptable.

The physicists say that the cause its creation is matter - undecided atoms. This also says that the world did not exist before the creation and will not be there after its dissolution. How is it that one thing is true at one time, and untrue at another time? Again if the primary atoms are imponderable, without magnitude and yet are permanent, how can they give rise to material and transient products endowed with magnitude?"

"How can the same thing be yellow and not yellow - bright and dark - at the same time? These qualities are not in harmony; the whole theory is confused. Do they produce of their own or by somebody else' will? And if somebody else' will, then who is He? God? If He is God, then there is no function of atoms in this? Otherwise it would be like a king in his palace who, by merely willing to kill the enemy, sent his weapons flying about in the act of destruction. (God cannot be supposed to operate atoms for the purpose of creation, as a potter does with clay)

It is also absurd to say that the atoms of matter began Creation began when the equilibrium of Gun (Sat, Raj and Tam) got disturbed.
One of the systems of philosophy believes that three qualities, brightness, activity and darkness, are always there in equilibrium. When disturbed, creation begins; when they revert to equilibrium, the universe is dissolved.
But then how the changes in the equilibrium state were brought about? Change is not possible without an intelligent cause. Thus none of the systems gives the satisfactory account of the Creation. The scriptures are the only source to guide us on this issue - the rest are not reliable because they have individual's limitations and thus are not reliable.

The Universe must have a Creator, and He must be an intelligent principle, but he cannot be of any known type as  His creation is vast, HIs power is beyond understanding. He has created the Universe by His own Power. The individual encompasses his own creation with his Ego, so does He play with His Universe. Just as the dreamer is not confused with his dream, in the same way He is also not confused with His Creation. Just as a man survives with his dream, He also survives with the Universe's dissolution. This whole Creation cannot be apart from Him, and that is Consciousness is everywhere - it is escapable.

The whole Universe arises, abides in and resolves in Him. This is the final conclusion of scriptures, and the scriptures never err. Miraculous powers possessed by gems and incantations cannot be denied, nor can they be measured by a man of limited knowledge. The universe has thus originated only as an image on the surface of the mirror of the Absolute. This conclusion is in harmony with all facts. Creation is like a magician's trick. It is a city born of Divine imagination. O Parashuraam, You are aware of the creations of the day dreamers which are full of everything like this. In the same way this mental Creation of Shiv, who is without any form. Shree Tripuraa is his Shakti (Power).

Time and space are the factors of the division of the world. Space refers to the location of the objects and time to the sequence of events. Time and space themselves are projected from Consciousness, how then they can divide or destroy their own basis and still continue to be what they are? Can you show me the time and space not permeated with Consciousness? In fact even the existence of things is only illumination of them?

There is no consistency in the world regarding the existence or non-existence of things. Just as reflections do not have any substance inside them, but outside of the mirror, so also the things of the world have no substance in them outside the cognizing factor, means intelligence. Qualities of the reflected images depend on the quality of the reflecting surface, for example water and polished surface. For example, ordinary mirrors are liable to be soiled soon while Consciousness is pure and has nothing foreign in it. Its reflections are also pure. Created things are not self-luminous and are illuminated by another's cognitive faculty. They recognize then with their own intelligence. They are only images and since they are only images, they are not self-shining and thus not self aware; and depend on our perception. That is why I say that Universe is nothing but an image on our Consciousness.

It differs from a mental picture in its long duration, that is because of the strength of will producing the phenomenon. The Universe appears practical, material and perfect, because the will producing it is perfect and independent, whereas the human conceptions are more or less transitory, depending on the strength or the weakness of the will producing them.

The limitations can be interfered to some extant by the incantations, gems, herbs and the breaking of "I". A vivid account is given of a magician's performance in Ranjit Singh's court. He threw a rope into the air which stood taut. A man climbed up the rope and disappeared. Objects in the world can be handled and put to use, while mental creations (e.g., dreams) present the same phenomenon. A magician's creations are only transitory; while a Yogee's creations may be permanent; both are external to the creator, but the divine creation cannot be apart from the Omnipresent Lord.

In this regard, Vishwaamitra Jee is well-known to have created a duplicate Universe, a part of which consists of the constellations composing Scorpio, Sagittarius, and the Southern Cross. Read Vishwaamitra Jee and Trishanku. Some trees, plants and herbs in imitation of well-known species (eg palmyra corresponding to cocoanut, jungle potatoes and onions insipid to taste and useless, etc) are among his creations.

Because the Lord of Consciousness is infinite, the creation can remain only within Him and the contrary, is pure fancy. Since this Universe is only a projection, its unreal nature can become clear only on investigation, not otherwise. Truth is never changed while untruth is ever changing. The world cannot stand investigations because of its changing unreal nature. As an owl is blinded by the light, in the same way this world's glory is so shining before that ignorance and disappears before any right analysis is conducted.

The man sees by the sunlight and is helpless in its absence, the owl sees in darkness and is blinded in sunlight. Whose sight is the better of the two? This cannot be determined satisfactorily so that investigation becomes lame. What is food for one, is poison for other. Thus the universe is only the Self - the One and one only.

End of the Chapter 11

12. Appearance of the World Depends on the Strength of the Creator

Even after listening to Dattaatreya Jee Parashuraam Jee was still confused. He said - "Lord, Whatever you said about the Universe is true, but how come that it appears real to me and others who are both intelligent shrewd. And even after hearing from you why does it seem to me real? Please explain it to me."

Dattaatreya Jee cleared the confusion - "O Raam, This illusion is very old. It is the deep-rooted ignorance which makes you think one thing for another. You can see yourself, that how people forget Self and identify their body with that Self. Even this gross body is misunderstood for Consciousness by force of habit. In the same way this Universe is also taken so real that it looks real. Its remedy is to bring the change in your outlook. This world is that only, which you are accustomed to think it. This is borne by the realization of Yogee of the objects of their intention. I tell you a story about this.....

Story of the Sage Gan
There was a town named Sundar in Bang Desh. There lived a king named Sushen. He had a younger brother named Mahaasen who was very obedient to him. His people like him. Once he did an Ashwamedh Yagya. Many princes followed the horse. The horse was not stopped anywhere until he reached Iraavadee River. There was a great sage named Gan, The princes were so proud that they passed that sage without greeting him. Gan's son noticed his father's insult so he caught the horse and fought with them. Although the guards surrounded the horse but Gan's son took him to a hill named Gandaa and disappeared there. So the King's people attacked the hill. Gan's son reappeared with a large army, fought with them destroyed the King's army. He took many princes as prisoners of war and took them inside the cave.

A few of Sushen's people who escaped, reported the incident about the incident. Sushen called his brother Mahaasen and said to him - "You go to Gan's place, and remember, that these sages are very powerful and cannot be conquered even by gods. So be ready to please him so that you can bring our princes and horse back. If you behave with pride, they have so much power so that they can reduce the world to ashes. You should behave with him respectfully so that you can bring our horse back because the date my Yagya completion is fast approaching."

Mahaasen obeyed him and went to Gan's place and found Gan sitting like a rock keeping all his Indriyaan under his perfect control. Mahaasen prostrated in front of him and began to sing his praise. He stayed there for 3 days with respect. Gan's son was watching this new visitor and got very impressed with his behavior. He came to him and asked him - "I am very pleased with your respect you have showed to your father, tell me what can I do for you? I will do whatever you want. I am the son of Rishi Gan and I am the Rishi like him. My father is now in Keval Nir-Vikalp Samaadhi. he will come out of this Samaadhi only after 12 years. Five years have passed and 7 years still remain. tell me what do you want, I will fulfill your desire. Do not underrate me that I am only headstrong youth and not worthy of my father. There is nothing impossible for Yogee."

Mahaasen also got very happy to hear this from Muni's son. he was very wise. He said - "O Rishi Putra, If you really fulfill my desire, I wish to make a request to your wise father when he has come out of his Samaadhi, so you should help me to get that." Gan's son said - "Hey Raajan, Although this is very difficult, but since I have promised you to grant your wish, I cannot go back. So you just wait for 1 and 1/2 hour and then see my Yaugik power. My father is now in transcendental peace, who can wake him up by external affairs. I shall do it with subtle Yog." Saying so he sat down, withdrew his senses, united the coming and going breath, exhaled air and sat motionless for some time. In this way he entered the mind of his father, and after agitating his mind re-entered his own body. Immediately his father Gan opened his eyes and came into senses. He found Mahaasen in front of him prostrating and praising him. He knew the whole situation by his Yaugik power.

Peacefully he called his son and said to him - "Dear son, Do not repeat this mistake again. Anger destroys the penance. Penance is possible only without obstruction, because the King protects Yogee. So you return the horse to the King immediately so that he can perform his Yagya at the right time." The son got very happy hearing this, he returned the horse of the King, and released the soldiers to him. Mahaasen sent the princes to the capital.

he was very surprised what he saw just now, so he greeted the sage in his feet and said to him respectfully - "PLease Sir, tell me, How the horse and the people were hidden in the hill?" The sage replied - "Listen O King, Before I was a King and I ruled a large kingdom. After long time God's grace showered upon me and I got detached from ruling. I handed over my kingdom to my sons and went to forest. My wife was with me. Long time passed doing meditation and penance. Then one day my wife embraced me and my this son was born when I was in Samaadhi. She woke me up, handed over the son to me and died. I myself alone brought this boy with care and love. When he had grown up, he came to know that I was a king before, so he also wished to be a king himself. I initiated him in Yog and he practiced it so much that he was able to create a kingdom of his own in this hill which he is ruling now. he took those princes and the horse there only. This is the secret of this hill."

Hearing this Mahaasen said - "I wish to see it." The sage asked his son to take him to the hill, and show it to him to his satisfaction. The sage Gun again sat in his Samaadhi and the son took him to the hill to show his kingdom to him. So his son took him to the hill. Sage's son entered the hill and got disappeared in it without any difficulty, but Mahaasen could not enter so he called out the sage's son. The sage's son also called out the King and then came out of the hill and said - "This hill cannot be penetrated by light Yaugik powers that you have. This is too dense for you, but I have to take you in as my father has ordered. So leave your gross body here in this hole covered with bushes, enter the hill with your material sheath with me."

The King could not do it, he asked - "tell me O saint, How can I shed my physical body here. because I will do it by force, I will die?"
The Sage's son said - "You don't seem to know Yog. OK, Close your eyes." The King closed his eyes and the sage's son entered his mind, took the subtle body out of King's physical body and left the physical body in the hole. By his Yaugik powers he took his subtle body snatched from he physical body which had the desire to see his empire within the hill. Once he was inside the hill, he roused up the sleeping individual to dream. The King now found himself held by the saint in the wide expanse of ether. [The subtle body has been discussed in detail in Yog Vashishth]

The King looked in all direction with curiosity and asked the saint in alarm - "Please do not leave me alone in this space lest I am lost in this unlimited space." The saint smiled - "Do not worry, I will not leave you alone, so just look around and have no fear." The King saw around. he saw sky above, night and with stars. With the saint, he came up to the Moon where he felt cold. Protected by the saint he came up to the Sun also and felt hot. he went to the peak of Himaalaya, saw many far regions with the power of eye sight. In some of the other lands there was darkness, the Earth was golden in some, there were oceans, islands, mountains etc etc. There were Heavens where Indra and gods were living and places for Raakshas, human beings etc too. He also found that the saint had divided himself as Brahm in Satya Lok, Vishnu in Vaikunth Lok and Shiv on Kailaash Parvat while in his original form he was always with him. The King was struck with wonder seeing so much power Yog. The sage's son said to him - "This sightseeing lasted only for a day according to the standards prevailing here, while 12,000 years have passed on Earth (world) you are used to. So let us return to my father." And they both came out of the hill.

End of the Chapter 12



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