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Tripur Rahasya-1-3

1. Interrogation of Bhaargav

Haritaayan said - "Hey Naarad, You have already heard the Mahaatmya of Shree Tripur which teaches he way of Transcendence, Tripur literally means the three cities - Jaagrit, Swapn and Sushupti states of mind. Shree Tripuraa remains unchanged in all the three states of mind. Now I shall describe the wisdom which will permanently free the misery of people. It was once taught by Dattaatreya to Parashuraam Jee. Dattaatreya Jee said to Parashuraam - "Naarad also served me to know this truth." Parashuraam Jee said - "I wish to worship her, please tell me how to worship her." Hearing his fervent request Dataatreya Jee initiated him and he went to Mahendra Parvat to worship. He worshipped her for 12 years.

One day he was sitting in peace that he fell in daydreaming state. He thought - "I don't remember what Samvart told me when I met him on the way, and I have also forgotten what I asked my Guru. I remember only that I heard about Tripur from him, but I don't remeber what Samvart told me about Creation. he told me the story of Kaalkrit, after that he did not tell me anything, maybe he did not consider me fit for it. Even now I do not understand many things about the Universe - how did it originate? where does it end? How does it exist? I feel all that transient, but worldly happenings seem to be permanent. I don't even remember what happened in my childhood. My look has been changing since my childhood.

The feeling of a need to work in order to gain happiness is te misery of miseries. If it continues like this, how the pain can be removed? Only those who do not need to engage in action, are happy. They are perfectly contented and self contained. They experience such a happiness which bursts out from all the pores of his body. How silly are those people who just to satisfy their obligations seek those pleasures in this world? Even a beggar is also looking for the happiness with the same intense desire as a king is seeking it. And when they fulfill their desire they feel happy as if they have attained the goal of their life. I am also following them like a blind following a blind. Enough is enough, I go to my Guru and ask him what is to be learnt and then cross this world." Thinking like this Parashuraam Jee immeditely proceeded in search of his Guru.

Parashuraam Goes to Dattaatreya
Parashuraam Jee came to Gandhmaadan Parvat where his Guru was sitting in Padmaasan pose. he fell on his feet, Dattaatreya Jee raised him and asked his welfare. Parashuraam Jee rose on his feet and sat in front of him and folded his hands in reverence. He said politely - "Hey Guru, Has anyone been afflicted after getting your grace? I feel happy in my body and mind by your grace, but always feel that I should not be separated from your lotus feet, because just seeing your lotus feet makes me happy, still I have some doubts in my mind." Hearing this Dattaatreya Jee said - "Ask at once O Parshuraam, ask at once, whatever you want to know. I am very pleased with your Bhakti and i will reply your all questions."

End of the Chapter 1

2: Obligatory Actions are Condemned and Investigation is Recommended

Parashuraam Jee asked Dattaatreya Jee - "Once I was very furious with Kshatriya class. I emptied the Prithvi from them, including unborn babies, 21 times. My Pitri were pleased by my this act, but they asked me to do Praayashchit, which I did and my anger got calm. But when I heard that Raam has born in Ayodhyaa, my anger woke up again and I challenged Him. He defeated me, and my pride got shattered. Out of his kindness, He let me go because I was a Braahman. When I was returning, I met Samvart, Lord of Avadhoot. I immediately recognized him.

Samvart was the brother of Dev Guru Brihaspati and looked like a maniac wandering in the forests. Naarad Jee once asked the King Nivritta to go out and recognize him. The King went and recognized him and requested him to do a Sacrifice in which Brihaspati had refused to assist him on Indra's advice. Samvart did that sacrifice in spite of the anger of Indra and completed it. Indra tried to disturb that Yagya for which he was cursed to be impotent by the sage - MBH, Ashwamedh Parv.

When I was with him, I felt a kind of Aanand in his company. I asked him about his state. Although he replied me very clearly, but I could not pursue the conversation at that time. I prayed to him and he directed me to you. So I came to you. I could not understand what Samvart told me. I have learnt about Tripur very well. She is incarnate like you, but what have I got out of what Samvart told me? Please explain me what he told to me. I have pleased Indra also by several ceremonies, but Samvart told me that the fruits of those activities are very trivial. Misery is not the happiness, but only limited happiness. As the happiness is over. misery comes. And this is not the only problem, there is fear of death which cannot be overcome by any kind of activity. When I worship Tripur, I feel in a similar way. I feel it is only child's play. Shaastra differ on the method of meditation and religious practices, so I feel that devotion is imperfect as Karm. Moreover these practices are continuous and no end seems to be in sight. While Samvart was quite happy as he was complete free from these obligations and their disastrous results. He laughed at the ways of the world. Hey Guru, How did he reach that stage, and what did he tell me? Kindly tell me everything and rescue me from this Karm bondage." After saying this Parashuraam Jee fell on his feet again.

Dattaatreya Jee thought that now he was ready for realization, he said to him - "O Bhaargav, You are lucky that such a noble feeling arose in your heart. The people who are after obligations can never be happy, because they cannot discriminate good from bad. They are deluded by the poison of obligation and engage themselves in work. Once some travelers were deluded by Nux vomica fruits considering them sweet oranges. And since they were hungry they could not detect their bitter taste. They were affected by their poison. Because they were in pain of hunger they mistook poisonous fruits as edible fruits, ate them to relieve their pain and suffered. Then they ate thorn apples thinking them to be rose apples. They became mad and lost their way, some went blind and fell into gorges. They even fought with each other in their insanity till they got tired and came to a town. As the night had fallen they were stopped  by the guards to enter the city. In anger they fought with guards also but were chased away. Such is the fate of those who in the search of happiness fall into the hands of action.

You are lucky, O Bhaargav. Who cannot judge, he is like a dead person and many are in its clutches. Indeliberateness is the characteristic of Asur and deliberateness is the characteristic of Devtaa, that is why they are always happy. Because of their discrimination power they depend on Vishnu and win Asur. A deliberate man will always shine like Vishnu, Shiv and Brahmaa. Raam, though a great intelligent man experienced disaster because of lack of judgment at the time of going to catch golden deer; while with good judgment he could cross so wide sea also and won the Raakshas.

You have heard of Brahmaa Jee also who because of acting rashly lost his one head. (read the story here)
Once Shiv Jee granted a boon to an Asur [ Bhasmaasur] and then he had to run around for the fear of being burnt to ashes.
Once Hari killed the wife of Bhrigu and was cursed by him (read this story here - Bhrigu's Shaap to Vishnu)
In the same way many Devtaa, Raakshas, and animals got miserable because of want of judgment. That is why judgment is very necessary.

Who are foolishly engaged in Karm they get perplexed at every moment, but if somebody thinks and then act, he will be free from misery. The whole world is in ignorance. Investigation can remove the ignorance and it is generated by worshiping God with devotion. When the Supreme Devee is pleased, she turns Vichaar (discrimination, investigation, deliberation, judgment) into his mind. Devee is there even in ignorance, in worship, in Vichaar, and later, like fat in the milk, the yogurt and the churned butter successively. That is why Tripur should be worshiped as one's Guru has said. Vichaar is the most important thing in the life, if it is there, one can reach his highest goal of his life. A man without discrimination is like a frog in the well, does not know what is good and what is bad, and thus dies in ignorance.

End of the Chapter 2

3: Vichaar Must Precede Satsang

Hearing all this Parashuraam Jee got very happy and he asked him in all humility - "It is the same as my Guru has said that a man with ignorance will always go towards destruction. His salvation lies in Vichaar alone. You have mentioned the causes of remote and proximity, and they point to Mahaatmya. I wish to ask you how does it work and what is its proximity cause? Can it be natural, and if it is, then why is it not with everybody? Why have I not got it? There are many people who are more troubled and have suffering than, then why they have not got this means?"

Dattaatreya Jee said - "I now tell you the fundamental cause of salvation. Satsang (association with good people) is the end of all miseries. It alone leads you to the highest good. Your association to Samvart  has led you to the stage of this enlightenment. Has anyone ever learnt anything good without the association of wise? In any case the company decides the future of the individual, there is no doubt in this. I tell you a story regarding this --

Story of Muktchood
Once there was King of Dashaarn, named Muktchood. he had two sons - Hemchood and Manichood. They were hansom, well-behaved and learned. Once they went for hunting on Sahya Mountain. There lived many wild animals and they themselves were well equipped with appropriate weapons. They killed many animals, and as many animals were killed, a tornado came and dust and pebbles began to fall. A thick cloud of dust rose in the sky and nothing was visible. Darkness spread all around. Some took shelter under rocks, in caves, or under trees, but these brothers proceeded on their horse to some more distance. Hemchood came to a hut of a sage. There he saw a beautiful maiden. He got bewitched by that maiden, so he asked her - "Who are you, O Beautiful? Whose are you? Are you here alone in this fierce forest?"

The maiden welcomed him, suggested him to tie his horse with a date palm tree and offered him seat to sit to take some rest. The Prince tied his horse and sat on the seat. She offered him fresh fruits and juice to drink. Then she said in her sweet speech - "Here lives Muni Vyaaghrapaad who is a great devotee of Shiv. He is worshipped by all in this world and the other world. I am his foster child and Hemlekhaa is my name. There was a Vidyaadharee (celestial damsel), whose name was Vidyaaprabhaa, came here to take bath in the river. At the same came the King of Bang Desh, named Sushen, also came here. Both fell in love with each other. Their consummated and he returned to his kingdom leaving her pregnant. She got afraid of her pregnancy so she caused an abortion, but I was born alive. [She left me here and went to her Lok]

In the evening came Vyaaghrapaad to do his evening ablutions. He saw me lying here, so he picked me up and brought me up with motherly care. Who protects somebody, he is one's lawful father, thus I am his daughter in this way. My father is so great that I have no fear of any kind anywhere in this world. No one, even Devtaa, Asur or anybody else, can enter this Aashram with bad intentions. This is my story. Now my father will be here soon, so talk to him in humility. Your desires will be fulfilled and you may return to your kingdom in the morning." Hearing this the Prince got a little distressed.

The girl had noticed that the Prince had fallen in love with her, she continued - "O Brave Prince, Don't so distressed, my father is about to come, tell him everything." At the same time Vyaaghrapaad came there carrying a basket full of flowers for worship. Seeing him the Prince got up and prostrated before the Muni, told his name and took his seat. Muni also noticed that the Prince was love stricken, so he started thinking as what he should do in these circumstances. He bestowed Hemlekhaa to him as his wife. The Prince was very happy to get her and came back to his capital. His father Muktchood was also very happy so he ordered festivities in his kingdom. he married them with proper ceremonies and they started living in the palace happily.

But the Prince noticed that Hemlekhaa was not so much inclined towards him as he was towards her. Noticing this, once he asked her in private - "Dear, why is it so that you don't love as much as I love you? How come that you don't enjoy my company? Are these pleasures of not your taste? You look so different during the moments of greatest pleasures. How can I be happy if your interest is not there? When I embrace you for some time, you seem to be so unconscious of everything and the n you ask me - "When did you come?" Tell me how can I enjoy with you like this? Please tell me why are you like this? You are dearer to me than my life, but speak to me your heart."

End of the Chapter 3



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